Please HELP! – A Science communication distress call

Hi everyone,

As you may know due to the breadth rule changes enforced by the university communicating science and technology is facing very low enrolment numbers.

In order for this subject to continue running in the future we are asking you to get the word out. I have drafted a email that could be sent to possible students, however we are not allowed to send huge mass emails via the student lists.

So therefore I am asking you to take up the challenge and send this to anyone and everyone who might be interested in the subject. I am especially asking students who are a part of any student societies to forward this to the right people so that it may be distributed further.

The email is below and I am happy for you to add your name to bottom and include your favourite moments of the course.

Hope all is well



Interested in science communication?

Then why not look at MULT30013 Communicating Science and Technology for first semester 2011. This subject is a 3rd year subject targeted at students in the faculties of science, biomedicine, engineering and environments. It aims to build confidence and improve your skills so that you can communicate your field of science to the world.  We all know that in many cases scientist are not great communicators; however this doesn’t have to be the case. Let this subject teach you these skills and have fun doing it.

Last year I participated in the subject and here is just a taste of what we got up to:

Special guests

Almost every week we had a visit from a special guest. These guests were from many different professions. However all of them were passionate, engaging and most importantly fun.

Guests included

Dr Simon Torok (CSIRO) – Communication and Marketing Manager for CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research

Dr Andi Horvath (Melbourne museum) – Senior curator, Science Communication

Tim Thwaites (Science in public) – Science writer and broadcaster and former national president of the Australian Science Communicators

Danielle Clode – Award winning author

Chris KP (CSIRO) – Science Performer and Manager of the CSIRO Science Education Centre

A public blog

During semester we were asked to contribute to a blog but with a little twist. Instead of only us being able to see it, the blog was made public so that everyone in the world could see what we were talking about. We wrote  posts about time travel, climate change, astronomy, dissection and even herpes.

Group projects

As part of our assessment we were invited to take part in a major group project related to science communication.  These projects pushed us out into the University of Melbourne community and beyond. With groups working with Melbourne museum, visiting high school students, developing a high school science blog, working with the media unit and producing a radio show.

By all accounts these task, although challenging, were very enjoyable and rewarding.

I would encourage you to enrol in Communicating Science and Technology for 2011.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send an email to myself or the subject lecturer Jenny Martin ( ). Hope you are enjoying the break.


Michael ‘Weely’ Weel

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