Post-class mingling

Greetings fellow CSTers!

I’m sure I echo the sentiments of everyone when I say: congratulations to everyone on such a fantastic job today. I for one loved seeing what all the other groups had come up with, as well as the way in which everyone showed that they really took on board all the tips and hints we got throughout the semester.

After class, Jenny told me I was responsible for finding you all on Facebook. I originally suggested adding everyone to our Real Science Experience group, but afterwards I thought it would be better if we started afresh with a group that was just ours.

So I’ve set up a Scribbling Scientists group for us on Facebook. Feel free to join as a means of keeping in touch with the group.

And by all means, any post and future students and contributors to this blog, feel free to join up as well.

All the best with whatever exams and assessments you may have coming up. I’m going to finally hush and go attend to mine now…

5 Responses to “Post-class mingling”

  1. Jenny Martin says:

    No, actually I think you were probably right and I needed to reword my request!!

  2. Jenny: Yes, that was badly worded!

  3. And don’t forget to join the “Real Science Experience group” on Facebook as well!!!!/home.php?sk=group_205498606142050&ap=1 🙂

  4. Jenny Martin says:

    I’m sure I meant to ask you nicely rather than tell you 😉

    Thanks HEAPS for doing that. Would be great to stay in touch with everyone.

  5. angusw says:

    Good work setting up the group!