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The Science (and Art) or Quick Change

When I was sick, I had plenty of time on my hands to browse the internet – the painkilling medication that I had to take made me so zonked out that I pretty much couldn’t do anything. I spent hours on Youtube watching videos – one of my obsessions at the time was watching videos […]

A Major Medical Crisis

Just before the beginning of the holidays (Friday the 17th of September), I had a major medical crisis – no joke, that’s what the doctor at the hospital called it the other day. I had been feeling a bit off for a while; out of breath, sometimes my chest was a bit sore, and I […]

Renewable Energy

I was warming up my pasta in the Earth Science staff room the other day and, as I waited for the microwave to do its thing, a newspaper clipping on the fridge caught my eye. The article was by Mike Sandiford, a Melbourne Uni professor from the School of Earth Sciences (my school!). And pretty […]

Getting into Science

I hope that nobody is judging me for writing another post so soon after my first one (and at 2am on a Saturday night, no less!), but I am feeling inspired. What by? There are about 70 drunken teenagers just outside my bedroom door (and window, outside) celebrating the final performance of a high school […]

Loving too much.

In our lecture yesterday, in amongst some rather complex philosophy, Maurice (our lecturer) mentioned that in science communication we need to find a balance between loving too much and not enough; in addition to that, the amount of care should be equal between the communicator and their audience. This really struck a chord with me, […]