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Death by Sleep Loss

I have a lot to worry about. And I don’t mean for the coming exams. You see, every night I get only about four to six hours of sleep. According to recent studies, getting such little sleep on a regular basis means that I am speeding towards my own death! Even if I were to […]

Master Chef Scientist & More SciKus

Andi’s Science Communication Gym has been a blast for me. Since I do not have creative juices flowing freely through my brain, it is always fun for me to try and squeeze out a few drops and go wild with them. From her Master Chef Scientist game, this is what my group came up with […]

Believe it or not, we can now ‘French kiss’ online

Kiss by angel_shark…, Licensed under Creative Commons Here’s how you do it. Step 1: Check that the straw (or more accurately, a slim plastic tubular sensory device) is connected to your computer. Step 2: Insert the straw into your mouth. Step 3: Now use your tongue to wiggle it. If the person you’re kissing is […]

Bad News for those Sick in Space

Buzz Aldrin on the Moon by NASA Great Images in NASA Collection…, Licensed under Creative Commons If an ailing astronaut is sent into space, any medicine that he takes would probably not aid in his recovery. Why? Because medicines lose their potency during space flights. In fact, the longer the flight, the less effective the […]

Please Leave the Dead Bear Alone

It has been a week since Knut the polar bear passed away suddenly in front of horrified zoo visitors. But the cause has yet to be confirmed. Knut the German Polar Bear Knut by Aconcagua…, Licensed under Wikimedia Commons Knut’s short life (only four years) had been wrecked with controversy since his birth, and so […]