A practical solution for habitat creation.

I had a discussion with a friend of mine recently that made me think.  We talked about the loss of habitat in the Australian environment and what could be done to support species under pressure.  We talked about the obvious solutions – less deforestation and more planting of trees.  We agreed that solutions aimed at […]

Beware Of Fugu

Warning!!! To all the Daredevils, Please don’t start searching for restaurant that serve Fugu and also please don’t stop eating fish after reading this blog. Every fish is not so poisonous as Fugu Fish. Fugu Fish(also known as Pufferfish): The thrill of eating something that might kill you is clearly so addictive in japan, that […]

A week in the life of a zoologist

When people ask me what I am studying, zoology, I always seem to get a unique reaction.  They are a captivated audience interested and excited to know about the glamorous and thrilling tales of travel, field work, and impressive animals. I have just recently returned from my first real field work experience and would like […]

September 7th

I’ve done my fair share of protesting and railing against injustices.  From sit in’s at logging coups and anti-war street marches, to Kennett era related generalities; I’ve tried my best to support movements against the things that are wrong when they align with my life philosophies. Nowadays I have mellowed somewhat in my approach – […]

Lab beef burger: why cows and you would like the idea

This month the first lab-grown hamburger was presented to the world. Dr Mark Post’s creation is eco and animal friendly. Lab meat would reduce the impact of meat production in the environment and save a lot of cows from slaughter. The idea was sponsored by Google co-founder Sergey Brin. The Google billionaire wasn’t comfortable with […]