Art vs. Science: The Ice Bear Project

I just saw this video and had to share it with you guys. We’ve already heard a little about the ways Art can be used to portray a Scientific message with one of our very own CST group’s Exhibition. Here’s another way it can be done to communicate a message about climate change: The Ice […]

Alternate Ways of Communicating Climate Change

Through the magic of the interwebs, this video was passed on to me. It’s a snippet from The Hungry Beast – a show on the ABC that mingles journalism and humour in order to question a lot of what is floating around mainstream media. I thought this one would be relevant for our blog (or […]

Will we survive a warmer world?

Alligators basking off the English coast; a vast Brazilian desert; the mythical lost cities of Saigon, New Orleans, Venice and Mumbai; and 90 per cent of humanity vanished. Welcome to the world warmed by 4 °C. This quote is by Gaia Vince in the 2009 article of New Scientist; ‘Surviving a warmer world’; I was […]

Unity through Science Communication.

Everybody is a science communicator. That’s what I realized after reading, for me, surprising headlines. The Australian – “Osama Bin Laden in climate change warning” ABC News – “Bin Laden calls for action on climate change” Aljazeera – “Bin Laden deplores climate change” Osama Bin Laden wanted by the US government since late 2001, a […]

Motivation – The Why? – An Introduction

Wow looking over these blogs it is exciting to see how everyone is so enthusiastic about communicating science. Hi my name is Michael Weel my friends call me “Weely” yes yes my friends were very creative. Anyway, I am studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Mechanical Systems Engineering and I am in my final […]