Google’s Self-learning AI, will it be the next Skynet?

A team at Google working on simulating a human brain using 16,000 central processing unit (CPU) cores has been able to develop a self-learning neural network that was able to independently recognize the content of images. In other words, without any guidance from Google, the computer brain searched through 10 million thumbnails of YouTube videos […]


Children often ask questions about the world that, as we grow up, we learn are completely impossible or incredibly difficult to know. If you lay down with your mouth open, how long until a bird poops in it? What if all the rain in a storm came down in one giant drop? What If’s logo. […]

Information Is Beautiful

I am a visual learner – you can verbally explain something to me until you’re blue in the face and I might not quite get it. Show me a diagram, graph or some kind of visualisation of the same information and it clicks. Ooooh, that’s what you meant! Visualisation can be a powerful communication tool, […]

Strolling in Antarctica from the comfort of my couch

Antarctica! The very thought of this inhabitable continent makes you quiver with the excitement of adventure! Somehow its harsh, barren and demanding landscape draws people there year after year, and not just us overly excitable scientists! People will literally pay thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to jump on a ship to take them […]


My two lovely Grandparents live along the coast, in the beautiful tourist destination Port Fairy (for those of you who are unenlightened, its half an hour west of Warrnambool). Its a little “heritage” town, the sort that would be perfect to advertise the country with: beautiful walks, amazing beaches and, of course the Folk Festival. […]