Beware Of Fugu

Warning!!! To all the Daredevils, Please don’t start searching for restaurant that serve Fugu and also please don’t stop eating fish after reading this blog. Every fish is not so poisonous as Fugu Fish. Fugu Fish(also known as Pufferfish): The thrill of eating something that might kill you is clearly so addictive in japan, that […]

The Science of Harry Potter

If anyone else is like me and enjoys escaping the limits of reality and indulging in a little fantasy, cough cough Harry Potter, then keep reading.  If you don’t enjoy science fiction then please keep reading anyway! As an avid Harry Potter fan I am delighted to tell you that the magic and mystery of […]

‘No, Minister’ – The state of Science in Australian Federal Politics

Sworn in just a few weeks ago, there is something missing in the new Abbott Ministry. For the first time since its introduction in 1931, there no minister in the parliament who has ‘science’ or ‘scientific’ in their title. Science has been relegated to fall under the portfolio of “Industry.”     Whilst this isn’t […]

It’s time the yearly flu vaccination flew away.

Don’t worry I am totally pro-vaccination, but it looks like a cure is on the way…

Are you depressed? Why don’t you SING-along-song?

Depression. I’m pretty sure that the majority of graduate students at Melbourne University are currently feeling stressed and nervous with all the assignments and upcoming exams. Am I depressed? Well, I may say that I’m still in the middle of the pathway towards depression. But, how are you? Are you currently feeling low? Low. Sad. […]