Science Communication! (Original topic, I know…)

Last post for the year and I’m making it super meta. Apologies for the lack of pictures; copyright is a pain, hope the hyperlinks make up for it! :)

What’s Your Flavor?

Feeling Blue?? Choose your flavor and go for it. A scoop of ice cream is known to alleviate the mood and reduce stress levels within seconds. Ice Cream stimulates the production of thrombotonin, which is the Happiness Hormone that makes us feel good. Benefits: -       Excellent source of energy. A 100g of ice cream have […]

The Science of Religion

From the very start I would like to say that I do not wish to offend anyone on their views on religion. What you believe in is up to you. All I would like to do is explore, very briefly, the concept of how religion and its link to science, if there is one. I […]

Fear of yourself and your voice

Public speaking- two words I shudder at the thought of. After giving any presentation throughout my entire education I have always stepped out from the spotlight and had the unusual sensation of having a complete mind-blank! Well now, with many thanks to Jenny, I was able to relive the experience for myself firsthand on video. […]

Over 7 Million People F*****g Love Science!

Back in March of last year, Elise Andrews made a Facebook group to share her love for science. Today, I F*****g Love Science (IFLS) and the child friendly Science is Awesome have over 8 million followers. Whilst many have grumbled about the use of the f-word in the title, it may be its blunt simplicity […]