Search engine woes

You wouldn’t need to be observant to have witnessed the anguished death throes of our Ultraseek search engine this past fortnight. It’s been up again, down again many times – at the moment it’s displaying some sort of awful error output. Not a good look.

As most of the University’s templated pages point to this search engine, I’ve been very keen to release a replacement include file so that everyone can update their sites, but one last piece in the puzzle has been holding me up for months.

I give up! This zip file contains a number of interim include files that will update pages on the new ’07’ standard template as well as the old ‘blue curve’ standard template. Site admins should copy the files to their appropriate folders, (perhaps keep a backup of the old files!).

Download the new include files.

What do you mean, ‘interim’?

As soon as the aforementioned piece of of the puzzle falls into place, a new version of the include files will be released. It will sport a much simpler URL which will provide longevity to our search engine. The interim include will not stop working any time soon, but when the next/final include is released, it should be updated.

The files have been tested and are working in two sites, so as long as your templates haven’t been messed with too much, you should have no troubles. All the same – remember what I said about backups ;-)

One Response to “Search engine woes”

  1. Marcin says:

    Now that only the Google search engine is available, there is one massive problem. It doesn’t work from the library “University Websites Only” computers! I’m assuming that’s because the search is done off-site by Google. This is quite problematic, as the university website is really quite large to navigate without a Search.