A long time dormant

More than three years! Not really good enough, but things are happening on the search front, so it’s time to reactivate this blog and get some information out there.

It’s going to be a big year in Search for the University of Melbourne. After 5 years of what can only be termed a sub standard service, funds have been committed to development of a quality Enterprise Search. Naturally, this won’t happen overnight, it’s a big commitment and it will take time to implement.

The exciting part for our end users is that you won’t need to wait all that long before seeing some improvements. A small portion of funds have been made available to improve our current public search tool. It is, after all, part of what an enterprise search should do, and the experience we’ll gain will help us make better decisions through the course of the project.

Anyway, keep an eye on this blog for updates and information right through the process.