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  1. Search relaunched

    We’re very pleased to announce the launch of the latest iteration of our search engine. As indicated in the previous post, there are a range of …


  2. Improvements coming soon

    Excited about some coming changes to search at the University of Melbourne! In a short while (within the coming month), we’ll be upgrading our public search …


  3. A long time dormant

    More than three years! Not really good enough, but things are happening on the search front, so it’s time to reactivate this blog and get some …


  4. map me

    Just snuck in a small, incremental feature on the search engine… a “Campus Maps” facet. So that now when you search you are offered an option …


  5. Improved search queries

    Piece by piece we’re trying to improve our google search tool. We can finally announce a few features we think will please you. Simpler search queries …


  6. Search tweaks

    This morning we made some changes to the University’s google search tool which will deliver us more control and fix an annoying bug or two. Impact …


  7. Advanced searching

    For a little while at least, it seems like the ‘interim’ search is going to stay. So we might as well get to know it a …


  8. Search engine woes

    You wouldn’t need to be observant to have witnessed the anguished death throes of our Ultraseek search engine this past fortnight. It’s been up again, down …


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