CEB PhD Confirmation Seminar 20-Aug-2015: Domain-specific physical activity and sedentary behavior in relation to colorectal cancer risk

2.00-3.00pm, Thurs 20th August 2015
Seminar Rooms 302/303, Level 3, 207 Bouverie Street, Carlton

Dr Shahid Mahmood, PhD Student, Centre for Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Melbourne School of Population & Global Health, University of Melbourne

Colorectal cancer is the second most common type of newly diagnosed cancer in Australia. Environmental exposures play pivotal role in aetiology of more than two-third of cases. We hypothesize that lower levels of moderate to vigorous physical activity and higher sedentary behavior among Australians is associated with increasing risk of colorectal cancer, and that obesity plays a significant mediation role in this equation. This study will use prospective data to measure the strength of association and dose-response trend between domain-specific physical activity and sedentary time in relation to colorectal cancer risk. Potential mechanisms underpinning this relationship will also be explored.