MSPGH Seminar: 7th Sept 2016 – ‘A huge hot air balloon’: How do average-risk woman think about the risk and prevention of breast cancer?

12.30-1.30pm, Wed 7th September 2016
Seminar Room 515, Level 5, 207 Bouverie Street, Carlton

Associate Professor Louise Keogh, Centre for Health Equity, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health

So-called ‘personalised prevention’ of breast cancer has focused on reducing incidence in women at the highest risk, yet the majority of women are at population-average or only moderately increased risk.

Louise will describe the findings of a qualitative study involving nearly 50 people, designed to determine: (1) the conditions under which the average-risk woman might be interested in personalised information about breast cancer risk; (2) familial cancer specialists perspectives on how best to manage these women; and (3) how both women and specialists react to the iPrevent® prototype.

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