CMH Seminar: 13th December 2017 – Engagement of Youtubers for Suicide Prevention

Presenter Professor Paul Yip is the Associate Dean (Research) of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Chair Professor (Population Health) of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration and the Director of the HKJC Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention in The University of Hong Kong.

We are experiencing the era of social media. The ubiquity of social media among the youth has created a platform for them to disclose their emotional distress and suicidal ideation. A telephone survey in Hong Kong done by our Centre revealed that only 7% of the at-risk youth had sought formal help from social services regarding their distress, whilst over 78% of them had disclosed their distress online.

We see the potential of social media as a suicide prevention medium to identify and connect the vulnerable hidden youth. Our Centre has collaborated with two popular Hong Kong YouTubers in two one-off projects in these years and we are now launching a long-term collaborative suicide prevention programme with several YouTubers to co-create a series of online and offline activities, aiming to leverage the power of social media and the connectedness of YouTubers and the youth population to raise the awareness of suicide prevention and to facilitate help-seeking behaviour of the teenagers in the community.

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