Staff News No 401, 27 January 2012

News of interest to staff of the University of Melbourne



1.    Graduate Study Expo
2.    Call for nominations for University Awards
3.    Relocation of NHMRC team during major grant round
4.    Universitas January e-bulletin available
5.    Sport Fitness Membership and New Facility
6.    Call for Mentors – 2012 Career Mentoring Program
7.    Milan Scholarship applications due Monday
8.    Office of Learning and Teaching Grant Information Session
9.    CEET 2012 PhD Top-Up scholarships now open
10.    New Academic Staff Orientation
11.    Student peer review information session
12.    Staff Development
13.    First Aid Training for February and March
14.    Copyright and Teaching Virtual Information
15.    University of Melbourne and Hebrew University Research Showcase Event
16.    Lunchtime Seminar
17.    New Student Online Travel Registration
18.    Travel Portal – Travel diary completion and e-learning support
19.    Applications open for Graduate Certificate in Commercialisation at MBS
20.    New Visions episode available
21.    Unidentified funds in University bank account
22.    Volunteers required- Women with painful knees
23.    Call for Research Participants – Psychological Sciences
24.    Volunteers required- Contraceptive clinical study
25.    What’s On
26.    Career opportunities
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1.    Graduate Study Expo

The Graduate Study Expo will be held on Tuesday 31 January from 4:00pm-7:00pm at the
Sofitel Hotel (The LaTrobe Ballroom), 25 Collins Street, Melbourne. Staff considering
further study in 2012 or beyond will be able to discuss their options one-on-one with
academic and admissions staff from the University’s graduate schools. With more than
340 graduate programs across a broad range of disciplines and opportunities for career
entry and professional development, the choices are extensive. For further information
and registration: Enquiries:

[Source: Kimberley Nance, Office of Admissions]


2.    Call for nominations for University Awards

Nominations are open for the University of Melbourne Awards for Excellence 2012. The
awards are an opportunity for professional and academic staff to receive recognition and
reward for achievements in teaching, teaching leadership, indigenous education, student
services and support, research supervision, programs and staff mentoring. Applications
close Monday 5 March. For guidelines and application forms, visit: Enquiries: Dr Kelly Farrell, 8344

[Source: Kelly Farrell, Centre for the Study of Higher Education (CSHE)]


3.    Relocation of NHMRC team during major grant round

The Melbourne Research Office medical team relocated to 137 Barry Street (between
Alan Gilbert Building and ICT Building) on 16 January. The team will be at its new
residence for the duration of the major NHMRC grant rounds and will return to MRO in the
Alan Gilbert Building on 7 May 2012. There will be no changes to emails and phone
numbers. Enquiries: Sybil Woolfson 8344 2062/
[Source: Sybil Woolfson, Melbourne Research]

4.    Universitas January e-bulletin available

The Universitas 21 e-bulletin for January 2012 is now available at: e-bulletin
includes information about the new Teaching and Learning Network (TLN) and its U21
TLN Staff Fellowship Programme, international Summer School opportunities, as well as a
link to the 2010/11 U21 Annual Report. Further information about U21 is available from the
Office of the Senior Vice-Principal.

[Source: Jennifer Mann, Office of the Senior Vice-Principal]


5.    Sport Fitness Membership and New Facility

MU Sport invites staff to start their 2012 fitness regime by signing up for a membership
using 2011 rates before close of business on Monday, 6 February, after which 2012 fees
will go into effect.

MU Sport has opened a new fitness facility for all members south of Grattan Street, on
the corner of Pelham and Bouverie Streets (across from Lincoln Square.) Join Melbourne
University Sport on Facebook or visit the website for news on a February opening date.
For more information on membership options: For membership
enquiries, email:

[Source: Joy Villalino, Melbourne University Sport]

6.    Call for Mentors – 2012 Career Mentoring Program

The Faculty of Business and Economics’ Career Mentoring Program matches
undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of business disciplines with industry
professionals. Mentors provide insight and guidance to students moving into the
workforce. Staff with a background in business (including finance, accounting, HR,
management) who would like to use their coaching and leadership skills can register their
interest at For further information, visit: Enquiries: Kristin
Baumann, 9035 5874/

[Source: Kristin Baumann, Business and Economics Careers Centre]


7.    Milan Scholarship applications due Monday

Gandioli Fumagalli Milan Scholarship applications are closing Monday 30 January. The
scholarship supports travel to Milan, Italy, to undertake a research project with a
recognised cultural organisation/s. This is an opportunity to gain practical experience of
museology and familiarity with an important cultural collection undertaking a short-term
project in a creative international atmosphere, and become acquainted with the life and
culture of Milan.

The scholarship is available to postgraduate students of the Faculty of Arts in the following
programs: Art History, Museum Studies, and Curatorship, Art Conservation, Classics and
Archaeology, History, and postgraduate students on the Faculty of Architecture, Building
and Planning and Architecture and Design. For further information, visit: Enquiries: Janita Westbury, 9035 7341/

[Source: Janita Westbury, Facutly of Arts]


8.    Office of Learning and Teaching Grant Information Session

This seminar is for academics developing an application for funding in the next round of
Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) Grants. The seminar will provide opportunities to
discuss proposals and insights into preparing OLT applications. Friday, 3 February,12:30-
2:00pm, Barbara Falk Room, CSHE, 715 Swanston Street. Registration: email For full details about the OLT grants scheme, see:

[Source: Michelle van Kampen, Centre for the Study of Higher Education]


9.    CEET 2012 PhD Top-Up scholarships now open

The Centre for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications (CEET) is offering Top-Up
Scholarships for graduate research students who are interested in undertaking research in
energy-efficient telecommunications. Students will be located at CEET and may have the
opportunity to travel and work with world leading researchers at Bell Labs. Scholarships
are awarded at a level of $5,000 p.a. renewable for the duration of the primary
scholarship.  For more information on eligibility and the application form: Enquiries: Kat Franks,
8344 7682/

[Source: Kat Franks, Electronic Engineering- CEET]


10.    New Academic Staff Orientation

This program welcomes new academic staff to the University and provides an
understanding of key policies and procedures as well as valuable information to start a
new career at the University. This is also a great opportunity to meet new colleagues from
across the University. All new academic staff are strongly encouraged to attend. Thursday
9 February, 9:00am-3:30pm, Theatre G08, Melbourne Law School. For information and
registration: Enquiries: Chiz Matsui 8344 4605/

[Source: Chiz Matsui, Centre for the Study of Higher Education]


11.    Student peer review information session

Staff who are interested in incorporating student peer review into their teaching are invited
to this information session, which will look at the benefits of using student peer review and
introduce PRAZE, the free online tool developed at the University to help make student
peer review easy and manageable. The session is on Monday 30 January, 12:30pm-
1:30pm, Barbara Falk room, Centre for the Study of Higher Education (CSHE), Level 1,
715 Swanston Street. Enquiries: Victoria Millar, 9035 3751/

[Source: Victoria Millar, Centre for the Study of Higher Education]


12.    Staff Development

Leading your team: 21 February. This five-day program is targeted at those in entry level
supervisor positions. It enables participants to enhance their people management and
team development skills with specific focus on communication styles, influencing,
motivation, work delegation and priorities, team dynamics and people development. HEW
5-7 and Level B staff.

The eLearning version of Performance Development Framework (PDF) workshop will be
launched towards the end of January. In addition to the eLearning course, a series of
face-to-face skills sessions will be offered to enable practice and application of these skills.
Before a participant can enrol in the skills sessions they must have completed either the
PDF eLearning program, or the previous PDF face-to-face program between January
2010 and December 2011.  Enrolments via Themis: Staff
are able to view the skills sessions at Enquiries: Beti
Talevski, 8344 4277.

[Source: Beti Talevski, Human Resources]


13.    First Aid Training for February and March

First Aid Management and Training is offering one-day First Aid Level 2 training on
Tuesday 7 February, Tuesday 14 February, Friday 9 March, Thursday 29 March, in the
Level 1 Executive Lounge, Alan Gilbert Building. Preparation homework is required. CPR
training is also available from 9:00am-12:00pm.There is a charge for attending, so staff
must have approval from their department, which will be billed directly – CPR $60 and First
Aid Level 2 $150. Enquiries: Anne Parker 03-9894 1013. Enquiries/Bookings:

[Source: Ira Tedja, FMDHS]


14.    Copyright and Teaching Virtual Information

The Copyright Office will hold an information session on Copyright and Teaching via
Connect Pro. Those who use copyright material when teaching can tune in from their desk
and find out what they need to know about using text, images, film and music for teaching.
Wednesday 8 February, 2:30-4:30pm. For more information, visit: To register, email: Enquiries: Astrid Bovell, 8344 5935/

[Source: Astrid Bovell, Copyright Office]


15.    University of Melbourne and Hebrew University Research Showcase Event

Panels of researchers from the University of Melbourne and the Hebrew University in the
fields of innovation studies, migration/refugee studies, health and medicine, and
international economic law will present their research and discuss opportunities for further
international research collaboration. Executive Lounge, Level 1 Alan Gilbert Building,
corner of Grattan and Barry Streets. Registration required. RSVP by 8 February 2012. For
further information, panel session times and registration:
Enquiries: Carmella Prideaux, 8344 6839/

[Source: Ken Lee, International Relations Office]


16.    Lunchtime Seminar

Performance-based funding, quality and institutional profiling in tertiary education: A
comparative study. LH Martin Institute, Level 1, 715 Swanston St. Tuesday 14 February,
12.00-2.00pm. For more information, go to Enquiries: Anita
Wong, 8344 0906. Enquiries and bookings:

[Source: Anita Wong, Melbourne Graduate School of Education]


17.    New Student Online Travel Registration

Online registration is now open for students to obtain free travel insurance for their
approved university and incidental private travel. On approval, an email will be sent to the
student and nominated staff members, with a Certificate of Coverage and Schedule of
Benefits. The paper forms will no longer be processed after Friday 11 February.
Registration: Enquiries: Bill Boucher, 8344

[Source: Bill Boucher, University Insurance Office]


18.    Travel Portal – Travel Diary completion and e-learning support

Staff who have travelled in the last twelve months and haven not completed the travel
diary (if required), must complete the diary by no later than 31 March 2012. Please refer
to the following link for more information on completing a travel diary: Enquiries: Joseph Borg

Staff who arrange University travel through the Travel Portal, who need to complete a
Travel Diary, or who are planning to book a University business trip should be aware of the
Travel Portal e-learning support modules:
learning. These short (12 -25 mins) e-learning modules include: Introduction to Travel
Portal (Benefits and guidelines), Getting Started with Travel Portal (How to plan, quote,
approve and book travel) and the Travel Diary (How to create and submit a travel diary).

[Source: Moira Kolker, ITS]


19.    Applications open for Graduate Certificate in Commercialisation at MBS

Melbourne Business School is inviting applications for Term 2 of the Graduate Certificate
in Commercialisation (GCC). The deadline for applications is 31 March. Students must
complete the program by the end of term 1, 2013. The program is open to domestic PhD
students enrolled at the University of Melbourne, and is usually undertaken in their final
year. Tuition is fully subsidised under the Federal Government’s Commercialisation
Training Scheme (CTS) and students are eligible for a stipend to cover living costs. For
more information, visit the website:
research-programs/graduate-certificate-in-commercialisation, or contact Program Director
Associate Professor Graeme Cocks, 9349 8335/

[Source: Graeme Cocks, Melbourne Business School]


20.    New Visions episode available

In the first episode for 2012, Visions launches a new look and finds out the answer to the
question, “Just how much energy can be saved by painting the roof of a building white?”.
Visions talks with Dr Dominique Hes and Dr Nick Williams about research they’re working
on which shows that cool roofs fitted with white paint or even plants can help lower the
temperature inside by up to four degrees in summer. The results were announced by the
City of Melbourne this week and Visions was there to get the scoop. Available from
Monday via the iTunes store or at

[Source: David Scott, Marketing and Communications]


21.    Unidentified funds in University bank account

There is a listing available of unidentified funds the University has received in its bank
account. Staff looking for missing funds should check the Finance and Planning Group’s
website: The listing is updated
monthly. Staff who believe any of the items on the listing belong to their department(s)
should email with the details. Enquiries: Van Do, 8344

[Source: Natalie Calleja, Finance and Planning Group]


22.    Volunteers required- Women with painful knees

Free physiotherapy is available to women with knee osteoarthritis. The Department of
Physiotherapy is seeking female volunteers for a study evaluating the effectiveness of two
different exercise treatments on knee osteoarthritis. Volunteers must be aged over 50 and
have pain on most days. HREC No: 0932813.2. For for further information: Enquiries: Mary Kyriakides 8344 0485/

[Source: Mary Kyriakides, Physiotherapy]


23.    Call for Research Participants – Psychological Sciences

Psychological Sciences is seeking potential participants for its project “Neural and
cognitive studies of reward sensitivity and its influence on cognitive control performance”.
Participants must be social drinkers of alcohol (consumption of four or more drinks in a
sitting on at least a monthly basis) and aged 18 – 45 years. Participation involves two
sessions (the 2nd including an fMRI scan) and will be remunerated at $20/hr plus payment
commensurate with task performance. HREC 0830956.1. Enquiries: Sarah Borg,

[Source: Sarah Borg, Psychological Sciences]


24.    Volunteers required- Contraceptive clinical study

The project team is doing a clinical research study at Royal Women’s Hospital where two
reliable long-acting reversible contraceptive methods are studied. One is an intrauterine
system inserted into the woman’s uterus and the other is an implant inserted under the
skin in the upper arm. They are looking for women who are 18 to 35 years old, generally
healthy, not pregnant or lactating, need contraception and would accept assignment to
either treatment by chance. RWH HREC approval 11/31. Enquiries: Lee Ann Mahoney
8345 3719/

[Source: Lee Ann Mahoney, Obstetrics and Gynaecology]


25.    What’s On


Bio21 Auditorium. Talk by Professor Helmut Schwarz speaks on “Promoting Excellence,
Building Trust: The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and the Australian-German
Research Partnership”. Registration is required at: Enquiries: Robyn Trethowan, 8444 4392/


DEAN’S LECTURE SERIES: Wednesday 1 February, 6:00pm- 7:00pm, Sunderland
Lecture Theatre, Medical Building. “Cancer breakthroughs: Next steps?” by Professor
James Bishop AO (Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre). For further information: Enquiries:
Janice Powell, 8344 9800. Enquiries/Bookings:


PHD ORATION – JOHN SHEEDY: Thursday 2 February, 10:00am-11:00am. “Elucidating
biomarkers of bone resorption and exercise by NMR and MS based metabolomics”. For
further information: Enquiries: Charlotte Morgans, 8395


IN CONVERSATION: Wednesday 15 February, 7:00pm-8:30pm. Public Lecture Theatre,
Old Arts Building. “Healing injustices by preventing future atrocities: Why the responsibility
to protect matters”, Rama Mani in conversation with Gareth Evans. This special event
highlights the unbreakable chord that links past and future. For further information and
registration, visit: Enquiries: Margaret
Sullivan, 8344 7775/


PANEL EVENT: Friday 16 March, 6:30pm-8:30pm, Sidney Myer Asia Centre, Swanston
Street. “Spanish Cuisine in a Post-Bulli Era” as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine
Festival. Listen to a lively discussion on future food trends, with a particular emphasis on
Spain. Panelists include Frank Camorra. For information and registration: Enquiries: Tamsin Courtney, 8344


PETER BRETT 2012 PUBLIC LECTURE: Friday 17 February, 6:00pm-7.30pm. Melbourne
Law School, 185 Pelham Street, Carlton. “The Rome Statute ten years on: Where to from
here for the ICC?” Presented by Mrs Fatou Bensouda, Prosecutor (Designate) of the
International Criminal Court. Register at: . Enquiries: Vaneta
Leventis, 9035 3862/


26.    Career opportunities


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