Staff News No 407, 9 March 2012

News of interest to staff of the University of Melbourne



1.    VC Open Line goes live
2.    New University events calendar
3.    Indigenous Welcome and RAP Celebration
4.    Child care vacancies
5.    Redmond Barry Fellowship
6.    Extension to University Awards deadline
7.    Volunteers needed for Carlton Harmony Day
8.    Universitas 21 March e-bulletin available
9.    Psychology Colloquia 2012 program available
10.    Contracts Submissions workbench overview sessions
11.    ARC’s LIEF Scheme consultation forums
12.    Travel Portal e-learning support
13.    Strategic review of health and medical research in Australia
14.    Unisuper seminar: Contribution caps
15.    New Up Close podcast available
16.    Staff Development
17.    MTC’s Lawler Studio Season Packages
18.    First Aid training dates for March and April
19.    MSGR and MDHS Austin Hospital Experienced Supervisors Refresher Workshop
20.    Unidentified funds in University bank account
21.    Home-based working group
22.    Seeking volunteers with knee pain
23.    Volunteers required: Heavy menstrual bleeding study
24.    Call for research participants
25.    Acupuncture for hot flushes study now in Echuca
26.    What’s On
27.    Career Opportunities

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1.    VC Open Line goes live

The VC Open Line, the University of Melbourne Vice-Chancellor’s blog, is now live. This
blog has been created so staff, students, alumni and members of the wider local,
national and international community can engage with the Vice-Chancellor on issues
affecting the University, the broader education environment and public policy. Staff are
invited to explore the VC Open Line ( and submit a
question via email (click the ‘Ask the VC a question’ button). Some submitted questions,
with the Vice-Chancellor’s responses, will then be posted.

[Source: John DuBois, Marketing and Communications]


2.    New University events calendar

Marketing and Communications is launching a new online events calendar on Monday
12 March, which will be available at Staff who
have used the events calendar before may notice some minor changes in functionality
and the login process. The overall look and feel of the calendar has changed, with the
addition of social media links, images and a more readable layout. Staff who have any
comments or questions should email Staff who would like
to attend a training session can register their interest with Chris Fargher at

[Source: Chris Fargher, Marketing and Communications]


3.    Indigenous Welcome and RAP Celebration

The 2012 Indigenous Welcome and a celebration of the University’s Reconciliation
Action Plan will be held on Thursday 15 March 12:00pm in Deakin Court (next to the Old
Physics Building). This event is an opportunity to meet and socialise with the
University’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and students and to learn about
the University’s Reconciliation Action Plan, which is in its second year. For more
information: Enquiries: Ellen Day, 8344 8803 /

[Source: Ellen Day, Murrup Barak Melbourne Institute for Indigenous Development]


4.    Child care vacancies

Children’s Services has limited vacancies for children aged 3 and 4 (at 1/1/2012) at
Swanston Street and Queensberry Children’s Centres.  In their year before school,
children are provided an integrated kindergarten program. Both centres offer
stimulating education and care programs, meals and exciting learning environments.
For more information and waiting list application:


[Source: Brian Newman, Children’s Services]


5.    Redmond Barry Fellowship

The Redmond Barry Fellowship for 2012 is open for applications. It will be awarded to
scholars and writers to facilitate research and the production of works of literature that
use the superb collections of the State Library of Victoria and the University of
Melbourne. Applications close 27 April. For more information: Enquiries: Susie
Shears, 8344 0269 /

[Source: Susie Shears, Cultural Collections]


6.    Extension to University Awards deadline

The University’s Awards for Excellence are an opportunity for academic and
professional staff to gain recognition and reward for outstanding work. Each award
comes with a grant (up to $25,000) attached. Due to the timing of the initial awards
deadline and the difficulties this presented, the Provost has extended the deadline to
5pm Wednesday 14 March. To apply:

Enquiries: Dr Kelly Farrell, 8344 0204 /

[Source: Kelly Farrell, Centre for the Study of Higher Education (CSHE)]


7.    Strategic review of health and medical research in Australia

University is preparing a submission to a Government-established panel that will
conduct an independent review of health and medical research in Australia. (Review
website: Staff can contribute to the University’s
submission by providing comments in response to any or all of the 13 matters for
review by Friday 23 March at
2012. Dot points or brief phrases are sufficient. Contributions are encouraged from all
members of the Melbourne research and research training community, regardless of
seniority. Creative or non-traditional ideas are welcome.

[Source: David Cookson, Research]


8.    Volunteers needed for Carlton Harmony Day

Harmony Day is an event which celebrates cultural diversity and encourages respect,
equity and inclusion for all people regardless of race, age, gender or religious belief. The
Carlton community celebrates Harmony Day every March with a big festival. Volunteers
make this event happen. Volunteers are required for two-hour periods between
11:00am and 10:00pm on Thursday 22 March. For more information:

Enquiries: Ping Vincent, 9347 0025 /

[Source: Kate O’Hara, Melbourne Engagement and Partnerships Office]


9.    Universitas 21 March e-bulletin available
The e-bulletin for March is available. It includes information about fellowship
opportunities at Nottingham and Birmingham University, details of award recipients
for the U21 Gilbert Medal and details of upcoming conferences in Singapore and Lund:

More information about U21 is available from the Office of the Senior Vice-Principal.

[Source: Jennifer Mann, Office of the Senior Vice-Principal]


10.    Psychology Colloquia 2012 program available

Psychological Sciences, in the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, is
pleased to announce its program of colloquia for 2012. Attendees will have the
opportunity to engage with leading experts in their field from the University, Australia
and around the world. All staff, students, and guests from outside the University are
welcome to attend and may register at
Further details on abstracts will be added progressively throughout the year. Enquiries:
Simon Hall, 9035 7687 /

[Source: Simon Hall, Psychological Sciences]


11.    Contracts Submissions Workbench overview sessions

Overview sessions of the new Themis Contracts Submissions Workbench have now
been scheduled. The hour long sessions are designed as a general overview for those
who will create, administer or report on Research Contracts Submissions. Training
sessions will follow in April. The new workbench will replace the current paper-based
process, enabling better monitoring and reporting. For session details and to register:

Enquiries: Annabel Cookson, 8344 2061 /

[Source: Tania Finn Angelo, Project Delivery, ITS]


12.    ARC’s LIEF Scheme consultation forums

The ARC is seeking input into proposed improvements to the Linkage, Infrastructure,
Equipment and Facilities (LIEF) grant scheme. Melbourne Research is hosting two
consultation forums: Wednesday 14 March 1:00pm – 2:30pm and Thursday 22 March
10:00am – 11:30am, in Room 510, level 5, Alan Gilbert Building. Link to ARC LIEF
Consultation Paper: Feedback via
email is also welcomed. Enquiries/RSVP: Eleanor Brignell /

[Source: Eleanor Brignell, Melbourne Research]


13.    Travel Portal e-learning support

The Travel Portal’s e-learning support modules can help travel arrangers who use the
Travel Portal and staff who need to complete a Travel Diary or are planning to book a
University business trip. The short e-learning modules (ranging 12 -25 mins) are:
Introduction to Travel Portal (benefits and guidelines), Getting Started with the Travel
Portal (how to plan, quote, approve and book travel) and Travel Diary (how to create
and submit a travel diary). For further information:

[Source: Moira Kolker, ITS]


14.    Unisuper seminar: Contribution caps

This seminar will cover the different types of contributions to super and is suitable for
all staff. Tuesday 13 March, 12:30pm – 1:30pm. eZone Theatre, Architecture Building
Level 1 Room 103. Register: Enquiries:
Damien Zanic, 8344 6075 /

[Source: Damien Zanic, Human Resources]


15.    New Up Close podcast available

Defending the indefensible: War criminals and the right to a fair trial

International criminal law expert Dr Kevin Heller discusses the role of the International
Criminal Court (ICC) and argues why even the worst of war criminals are entitled to the
best defense. With host Jacky Angus. Kevin Heller is based at the Melbourne Law School.
He served as Human Rights Watch’s external legal advisor on the trial of Saddam

The current and every past episode of Up Close are available at

[Source: Kelvin Param, Marketing and Communications]


16.    Staff Development

Building Optimism and Resilience – 14 March: Have fun while developing strategies
that build on your strengths and enable flexible thinking when approaching new work
practices and situations.

PDF Skills Sessions for Supervisors: Communicating the PDF to Staff – 22 March:
Designed to enhance supervisor capability to communicate policy and principles that
underpin the Performance Development Framework and respond confidently to staff
questions around PDF.

Writing Performance Objectives and Indicators – 22 March: Designed to enhance
supervisor capability to coach staff in writing performance objectives and indicators
within the context of the Performance Development Framework.

NEW: eLearning Recruitment and Selection program has been launched.

Enrol via Themis. Enquiries: Beti Talevski, 8344 4277.

[Source: Beti Talevski, Human Resources]


17.    MTC’s Lawler Studio Season Packages

Packages start from only $105 or $60 for Under 30s. If a booking is made before 5 April,
a free drink voucher will be given. Visit for further information or
email to request a brochure.

[Source: Lydia Gibala, MTC]


18.    First Aid training dates for March and April

First Aid Management and Training is offering one-day First Aid Level 2 training on
Friday 09 March, Thursday 29 March, Wednesday 11 April and Thursday 26 April, in the
Level 1 Executive Lounge, Alan Gilbert Building, except 11 April, which will be in
Multifunction Room – The Spot. Preparation homework is required. CPR training is also
available from 9:00am-12:00pm.There is a charge for attending, so staff must have
approval from their department, which will be billed directly – CPR $60 and First Aid
Level 2 $150. Enquiries/bookings: Anne Parker 03 9894 1013 /

[Source: Ira Tedja, FMDHS]


19.    MSGR and MDHS Austin Hospital Experienced Supervisors Refresher Workshop

Experienced Supervisors Refresher Workshop on Thursday 24 May at Austin Hospital.
This workshop is specifically for MDHS staff based at the Austin Hospital and surrounds
who supervise Research Higher Degree candidates (PhD, Masters by Research MPhil
and Professional Doctorates). These workshops provide updates and introduce new
information on key responsibilities of academic supervisors. All supervisors are
expected to attend at least one skill development workshop every five years, as stated
in the PhD Handbook. Registration through Themis is essential and closes Wednesday
22 May. For further information: Enquiries: Sylvia
Schaffarczyk, 8344 8664 / msgr-events at

[Source: Marcus Liddle, Melbourne School of Graduate Research]


20.    Unidentified funds in University bank account

There is a listing available of unidentified funds the University has received in its bank
account. Staff looking for missing funds should check the Finance and Planning Group’s
website, The listing is updated monthly.
Staff who believe any of the items on the listing belong to their
department(s) should email with the details.
Enquiries: Van Do, 8344 2944 /

[Source: Van Do, Finance and Planning]


21.    Home-based working group

Expressions of interest are being sought for a working group tasked with reviewing the
University’s policy, procedure and practices associated with working from home. It is
expected the working group will meet for one hour per month for a few months. It will
review a wide range of issues associated with working from home including
ergonomics, electrical safety, fire safety/emergency procedures, approval requirements
and conditions. An expression of interest can be registered via email and should include
the following: name, position, faculty/division and reason for expression of interest.
Register by Friday 16 March: Enquiries: Angela Mullins,
9035 4917 /

[Source: Stefan Delaney, OHS and Injury Management]


22.    Seeking volunteers with knee pain

The School of Physiotherapy is investigating knee pain and is seeking volunteers aged
18 and over with pain behind or around the kneecap that is aggravated by walking up
or down stairs, rising from sitting or squatting. Volunteers will need to have been
experiencing knee pain for at least three months.  Participation in the study involves
completing three questionnaires over a three month period. HREC 0829887. Enquiries:
Sallie Cowan,

[Source: Sallie Cowan, Physiotherapy]


23.    Volunteers required: Heavy menstrual bleeding study

Female volunteers who are premenopausal and aged 18-45 years are required.
Professor Martha Hickey at the Royal Women’s Hospital is studying the causes of heavy
menstrual bleeding. Eligible subjects may have regular or irregular bleeding and/or
uterine fibroids. Volunteers will be given a gynaecological checkup and will undergo
some extra tests. RWH HREC 11/13. Enquiries: Lee Ann Mahoney, 8345 3719/

[Source: Lee Ann Mahoney, Obstetrics and Gynaecology]


24.    Call for research participants

This research project, ‘Error-related neural processes and the effects of aging’,
investigates how people’s ability to adapt their behaviour following an error changes
across the life span.  Researchers are seeking right-handed participants aged 60 – 85.
Participation involves two 90-minute sessions, the second involving an fMRI scan.
Participants will be reimbursed $20 per hour and receive rewards based on task
performance. HREC 0830956.1.  Enquiries: Sarah Rossiter, 8344 4910,

[Source: Catherine Orr, Psychological Sciences]


25.    Acupuncture for hot flushes study now in Echuca

The Department of General Practice is looking for healthy postmenopausal women who
have not had acupuncture in the past two years and who can attend 10 free sessions of
acupuncture (either real or placebo) as part of this study. Volunteers must be over 40,
having regular hot flushes and not menopausal as a result of surgery, radio- or
chemotherapy. Treatments are provided by experienced acupuncturists located in
Melbourne CBD, St Kilda, Bentleigh, Coburg, Rosanna, Mount Waverley, Ringwood,
Bundoora, Melton, Malvern, Mornington and now Echuca. Treatments last for 30
minutes, except for the first treatment, which is 45 minutes. HREC number 1135293.
For more information and to check eligibility:
Enquiries: Carolyn Ee, 9035 5018 / gp-

[Source: Carolyn Ee, General Practice]


26.    What’s On


EXHIBIT: Wednesday 14 March 6:00pm. A new building for the University: Exclusive
exhibition and presentation, including a talk by architect John Wardle. The Faculty of
Architecture, Building and Planning (ABP) is hosting an exhibition and presentation of
the designs of the new ABP building that will be an exemplar of sustainable design and
transformative education. Prince Philip Theatre and Wunderlich Gallery, Architecture
Building. For more information: Enquiries/bookings:
Louisa Ragas, 8344 8766 /


PUBLIC LECTURE: Wednesday 14 March 6:00pm – 7:00pm. Miegunyah Lecture:
‘Analytical chemistry and its invisible presence in our everyday life,’ by Professor
Jaromir Ruzicka, University of Washington and University of Hawaii. Masson Theatre,
School of Chemistry. For more information and bookings:

Enquiries: Professor Frances Separovic, 8344 4392 / Robyn Trethowan


ARTS DEAN’S LECTURE SERIES: Wednesday 14 March 6:30pm. ‘Luck, leadership, and
legitimacy in transitions to democracy: Lessons from South Africa and the Middle East’
by Professor Ian Shapiro, Yale University. Public Lecture Theatre, Old Arts Building. For
information and registration:
Enquiries: Tamsin Courtney, 8344 8985 /


PUBLIC TALK: Thursday 15 March 12:30pm – 1:30pm. Weekly Art Forum Series
presented by the VCA School of Art. Forum 1: Aleks Danko, Art Auditorium, VCA School
of Art, Gate 4, Dodds Street, Southbank. For more information,

Enquiries: Scott Miles, 9035 9400 /


WESTERN CHRE SEMINAR SERIES: Thursday 15 March 4:00pm –  5:00pm, ‘Preventing
and managing knee osteoarthritis with conservative non-drug treatments’, by
Associate Professor Rana Hinman. Auditorium, 1st Floor, Western Centre for Health,
Research and Education, Sunshine Hospital.  Enquiries: David Sandall, 8395 8135 / For more information:


PUBLIC LECTURE: Thursday 15 March 6:00pm – 7:30pm, followed by refreshments.
‘Bariatric (weight loss) surgery: Your questions answered’ by an expert panel
who will discuss procedures, pre and post surgery care, maintenance, risks and
benefits of surgery and Q and A. Also featuring Emily O’Loughlin, a renowned
comedian who will present her personal story. Frederic Wood Jones Lecture
Theatre, Level 3, Medical Building, corner of Grattan St and Royal Parade. An
MDHS-Diabetes, Obesity and Endocrinology research domain. For more
information: Enquiries: Nicola Robinson, 9496 2645 /


PUBLIC SEMINAR: Thursday 15 March 6:00pm – 7:00pm. ‘Challenging crises: Peter
Beilharz and Roland Bleiker in conversation.’ Brown Theatre, Electircal and Electronic
Engineering Building. For information and registration:

Enquiries: Erin Eades, 8344 6564 /


VISITING SCHOLAR SEMINAR: Friday 16 March 10:00am – 11:00am. ‘Materials
Research at IBM Almaden Research Center: Past Present and Future’ by Dr Robert
Miller, Manager at IBM Almaden. Brown Theatre, Electrical and Electronic Engineering
(Building 193). Bookings: Enquiries:
Professor Greg Qiao, 8344 8665 /


CONFERENCE: Saturday 17 March 9:00am – Sunday 18 March 5:30pm (two days).
‘Middle East in Revolt: The First Anniversary’. This conference brings together a host of
globally renowned experts and activists to explore the opportunities and challenges of
the Arab Revolutions.  For more information and to register:

Enquiries: Faiza Muhammad,


BOOK LAUNCH: Monday 19 March 6:30pm – 8:00pm. Humour in Chinese Life and Letters:
Classical and Traditional Approaches, edited by Jocelyn Chey and Jessica Milner Davis.
Yasuko Hiraoka Myer Room, Sidney Myer Asia Centre. For more information and
bookings: Enquiries: Leanne van Diemen, 9035 3789 /


POTTER 40th ANNIVERSARY TUESDAY TALKS: Tuesday 20 March 1:00pm – 1:30pm.
Curator Joanna Bosse on ‘New York’ (1995) by Jenny Watson. A program of free talks on
the third Tuesday of every month until November. The Ian Potter Museum of Art. No
bookings required. For more information:
Enquiries: Amanda Morris, 8344 0237/


PUBLIC LECTURE: Wednesday 21 March 1:00pm. Richard E Luce, Vice Provost and
Director of Libraries, Emory University (USA) examines shifts in resource investments
and the rise of Special Collections. Hosted by the University Library with thanks to Ex
Libris. For more information and bookings: Enquiries:
Kylie Nickels, 8344 7617.


PUBLIC SEMINAR: Wednesday 21 March 5:15pm – 7:00pm. ‘Economy, law and self-
determination: A central Australian case’ by Professor Emeritus Dianne Austin-Broos,
University of Sydney. Faculty Function Room, Level 5, John Medley Building. For more
information and registration:
Enquiries: Erin Eades, 8344 6564 /


PUBLIC LECTURE: Thursday 22 March 6:30pm. ‘Why good journalism will always
matter’ by Julian Disney AO. Public Lecture Theatre, Old Arts Building. For information
and registration: Enquiries: Lucy Chancellor Weale, 8344
7637 /


BOOK LAUNCH: Monday 26 March 6:30pm – 8:00pm. The Sweet Spot: How Australia
Made Its Own Luck – And Could Now Throw It All Away by Peter Hartcher. Yasuko
Hiraoka Myer Room, Sidney Myer Asia Centre. For more information and bookings:

Enquiries: Leanne van Diemen, 9035 3789 /


PUBLIC LECTURE: Friday 30 March 7:00pm – 8:00pm. ‘Tweets, beaks and hacks: Court
reporting and the law in the age of New Media journalism’ by Mark Stephens CBE.
GM15, Law Building, 185 Pelham Street, Carlton. For information and registration: Enquiries: Lucy Chancellor Weale, 8344 7637 /


PUBLIC SEMINAR: Wednesday 2 April 5:15pm – 7:00pm. ‘Meaningful mobilities: Gender,
development and mobile phones’ by Professor Jo Tacchi, RMIT University. Faculty
Function Room, Level 5, John Medley Building. For more information and registration: Enquiries: Erin Eades, 8344 6564 /


PUBLIC SEMINAR: Wednesday 18 April 5:15pm – 7:00pm. ‘Forced transnationalism:
family separation and the children of migrants’ by Associate Professor Helen Lee, La
Trobe University. Faculty Function Room, Level 5, John Medley Building. For
information and registration:
Enquiries: Erin Eades, 8344 6564 /


PUBLIC LECTURE: Wednesday 18 April 6:30pm. ‘Did God have a wife? Archaeology and
folk religion in ancient Israel’ by Professor William Dever. Theatre A, Elisabeth Murdoch
Building. For more information and registration:
Enquiries: Frederick Vervaet, 8344 7496 /


SYMPOSIUM: Saturday 28 April 12:00pm – 4:30pm. ‘The Psychology of Portraiture: Hide
and Seek and Inner Worlds’. The Kenneth Myer Theatre, the Dax Centre and the Ian
Potter Museum of Art. For bookings and more information:

Enquiries: Amanda Morris, 8344 0327 /potter-


PUBLIC SEMINAR: Wednesday 16 May 5:15pm – 7:00pm. ‘Governing the uncommons:
The cultural economies of the global commons’ by Katarina Damjanov PhD, University
of Melbourne. Faculty Function Room, Level 5, John Medley Building. For more
information and registration:
Enquiries: Erin Eades, 8344 6564 /


27.    Career opportunities


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