All Things Must Pass

That’s it, folks – the 23 Research Things for 2020 have come to an end. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the posts as much as we have editing them.

They say you never stop learning, and for us as editors of this series this has certainly been true. Over the last 23 posts we’ve engaged with a wide range of content, covering everything from research management and research methods to doing stuff with data. We’ve learned about working with images, improved our literature searching skills, and tackled some publishing issues. We’ve also upped our communication game and discovered how to create better engagement & impact in our academic fields. We hope there’s been something there for all of you.

For us, as editors, we’ve really valued working with so many of our expert colleagues. A big thank you to all of our authors for sharing their knowledge. We’ve certainly picked up a few things that we’ll be incorporating into our own workflows and research practices.

About the editors

Dr Julia Kuehns is a Liaison Librarian (Arts) at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Natasha Story is a Senior Librarian, Library Services and Spaces at the University of Melbourne.


Image: Albin Berlin from Pexels

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