• Jennifer Warburton
  1. Get ready for 23 Research Things 2020

    Relaunching in mid-June 2020, 23 Research Things will introduce digital research tools or topics, and outline why and how these might be integrated into practice. The …


  2. Thing 20: Avoiding Deceptive, Unethical, Predatory and Vanity Publishing

    Some argue that the breakdown of trusted information sources is one of the major challenges faced in the 21st century (Gray, 2017). This view is influenced …


  3. Thing 10: Visualise Your Data

    Data visualisation refers to the visual representation of data to draw out trends, patterns and relationships, and present these in an accessible and easily-recognised form.


  4. Thing 9: Statistical Analysis Software

    This week’s post will help you to learn about a selection of different statistical packages, how to access them (on campus and outside the university) and …


  5. Thing 8: Text Mining

    In this post we look at text mining and provide an introduction to some of the concepts and tools to get you started.


  6. Thing 7: Data Management

    Good data management planning can increase your efficiency and effectiveness as a researcher. Thing 7 shares some practical data management tips to save you time now …


  7. 23 Research Things: 2017 edition launching soon!

    23 Research Things is a self-directed programme of blog posts introducing a range of digital tools to support the research activities of academics and graduate students. …