I conduct research into the general field of Statistical Mechanics which lies within the discipline of mathematical physics. In particular, I work in the area of phase transitions and critical phenomena in Statistical Mechanics especially pertaining to model polymer systems. The models I study arise naturally in “Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics” and in “Stochastic Processes”. I am part of a `Mathematical Physics and Statistical Mechanics Group‘ working on these topics.

I have several projects in the general area of the statistical mechanics of lattice polymer and vesicle models where there is scope for Master of Science and PhD projects, and some where post-doctoral collaboration would be fruitful. Please contact me if you are interested. The two main topics of interest are (1) numerical analysis, both Monte Carlo computer simulation and also exact enumeration techniques, of lattice walks as models of the universal features of polymer, and (2) the exact solution of interacting directed walk systems.

Information about past and present students and grant funding can be foundĀ here, which is my School profile page.

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