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  1. When Greer came home: January – March 1972 ‘Save us from shaggy Germ, O Man.’

    Vanessa O’Neill is the recipient of the Joyce Thorpe Nicholson Fellowship. Her research has explored the impact of Greer’s provocations at key points in time over …


  2. International Women’s Day 2019

    In December 1883 Bella Guerin became the first female student to graduate the University of Melbourne. Women had been granted the same right to tertiary education …


  3. Vicarious communist: a reflection on the empathetic archivist

    Adapted from a presentation given at the symposium ‘Bernie Taft and 1968: Tanks in Prague, Turmoil in Australian Universities’, Friday 24th August 2018 by Jane Beattie, …


  4. International Human Rights Day 2017

    Supporting democracy and human rights is one of the six principles of the Universal Declaration on Archives was adopted by the 36th Session of the General Conference of …


  5. Considering the literary archive: William Gosse Hay

    Dr Rachael Weaver School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne I first became interested in the Australian writer William Hay ten years ago, when Ken …


  6. “A library is a pleasure dome…”: Germaine Greer and libraries

    Sarah Brown – Archivist, Germaine Greer Archive “Libraries are reservoirs of strength, grace and wit, reminders of order, calm and continuity, lakes of mental energy, neither …


  7. Revolutionary theatre is a risk worth taking

    Bright pink poster with white outlines of people protesting, some are holding up placards. Orange "La Mama Company" written at top of poster

    Looking back at La Mamas’ 50-year history, from inception in 1967 when Betty Burstall created an ‘immediate’ theatre space in Melbourne inspired by New York’s La …


  8. Philip Sousa marches out of town

    Blue Art Nouveau design of a women holding a lute, surrounded by birds.

    In 1911 Australian music lovers were treated to a lengthy tour by American composer and conductor Philip Sousa, along with his 55 piece band.  The band toured the …


  9. A life in 22 boxes

    Jane Beattie, Assistant Archivist – University of Melbourne Archives Sophie Garrett, Assistant Archivist – University of Melbourne Archives Two pairs of ballet slippers used by Juan Cespedes …


  10. Unexpected journeys through POW records

    Dr Seumas Spark Dean of Arts Research Fellow, Monash University My first encounter with the Australian Red Cross (ARC) archive was in 2012. The return home …


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