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  1. 125 years of horticultural education – celebrating Burnley Campus

    Jane Wilson Volunteer Archivist, Burnley Archives Friends of Burnley Gardens The last few weeks have been very busy for me, the Volunteer Archivist for the Burnley …


  2. Australian Flora – Eucalypts in focus

    On the 26th of January each year, new Australian citizens are given native saplings during Citizenship ceremonies around the country. Many of these saplings will be …


  3. “Sugar and spice and all things nice…”

    Poster of two children, a boy knitting and a girl playing with a truck, with the caption "boys or girls, what does it matter all children should have the chance to find out what really interests them and what they really enjoy doing"

    Dr Sebastian Gurciullo, Assistant Archivist What are little boys made of? What are little boys made of? Slugs and snails And puppy-dogs’ tails That’s what little …


  4. Fritz Duras: Australian ‘father’ of physical education and sports medicine

    Pipe and signature block

    Katrina Dean, University Archivist Fritz Duras’ pipe was recently transferred to the Archives along with his elegant signature block, a 1943 Workers Educational Association talk ‘Quotations …


  5. “sheets and a bed – glorious”

    “sheets and a bed – glorious.” So describes Wilberforce Newton’s delight in his hospital accommodations on 12th November 1915. Plagued by suspected bronchitis whilst serving with the …


  6. The Social Policy Archive

    In 1993, associate professor in Youth Studies Dr David Maunders saw his vision to establish a Social Policy Archive (SPA) at RMIT University come to fruition. …


  7. Boxing, Ballroom dancing, and the Bishop of Coventry: Festival Hall and Stadiums Pty Ltd

    Throughout most of the 20th century, Festival Hall in Dudley Street, West Melbourne was the focal point for the city’s entertainment business. The booking diaries for …


  8. Alfred Plumley Derham: soldier, medic, poet, ANZAC

    Geoffrey Laurenson – Professional Library Cadet Georgina Ward – Assistant Archivist The story of Alfred Plumley Derham is one of a young medical student who showed great …


  9. ‘We will help until the war is won’

    Swallow and Ariell Patriotic Sewing Bee c. 1916

    During the anniversaries of World War One we reflect on the many aspects of war and its impact. As well as diaries and mementos of servicemen, the University …


  10. Memory, poetry and a good buffet dinner

    “I’ve always had a good memory…which is helpful for my poetry though it makes it rather like a buffet dinner with many small dishes all over …


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