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  1. “Well, well! What an unenviable job judging must be!” — dissenting reports from the 1947 Travelling Scholarship and Art School Prizes

    Mihai Bacaran    The Judges’ Report in the 1948 issue of DAUB —  consists of two conflicting assessments of the work submitted by students for the Travelling …


  2. Priestley’s Penguins

    Andrew Fuhrmann There’s no doubt that Raymond Priestly (1886-1974) had a fondness for penguins. Open any of the fourteen volumes of his Australian diaries (1935-1938) and …


  3. ‘Daub’ 1947, 1948 and 1949: The Magazine Produced by Students of the National Gallery of Art School

    Daub was a magazine written and illustrated by students of the National Gallery of Art School, now the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) in the …


  4. The beginnings of a brilliant career

    Catherine Nunn Daub is a student art magazine which records the first steps in the artistic careers of some of Australia’s most important artists. Several articles …


  5. What changes? What makes an artist?

    Diana Tay For a conservator, troubles begin, as troubles often do, in a collection, a museum or perhaps, in an archive. Materials change, degrade and then, …


  6. The Frank Tate Diaries

    Sophie Russell Frank Tate, born 18 June 1864 near Castlemaine, Victoria, was one of Australia’s most esteemed educators of the 19th and 20th centuries. After discovering …


  7. Hexed – discoveries and challenges in archiving born-digital records

    Lachlan Glanville, Assistant Archivist, Germaine Greer Archive Removable media such as floppy disks from the early days of PC ownership are now degrading rapidly and becoming increasingly …


  8. Anniversary of the Chinese Republic

    Katherine Molyneux It is a photograph of an dusty street in an unnamed city. There are bicycles and a blurry power line. In the background is …


  9. On Una Porter’s Photograph Album

    "Wesley college masters", 1926

    Oscar T. Serquiña, Jr. A personal photograph collection may reveal the roots and routes of its collector’s life. While its primary function is to collate representations …


  10. “The Thoughtful East” / “Masters. Jaupur”

    India photograph album, 1926

    Nathan McCall Accompanying the photographs are captions written by Ms Porter. These captions present an insight into Ms Porter’s reactions to some of the people and …


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