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  1. Narrating Photography

    "Outcastes", India photograph album, 1926

    Alice Helme A picture says a thousand words. We all know that ubiquitous and often overused phrase. It is the cornerstone of art analysis and an …


  2. “Dom Types”

    "Dom types", photograph album, 1926

    Charmaine Toh Martyn Jolly has noted that photographic albums were both oral and visual records – their owners would show them to friends and family accompanied …


  3. Una Porter Photo Album

    Una Porter, c1990

    Una Porter’s photographic albums, held in the University of Melbourne’s archives, present labelled photographs narrating her journey through China, Hong Kong, Japan, and India during the …


  4. ‘Winja Ulupna’: Public Health Posters as Visual Culture

    Ainslee Meredith Winja Ulupna is an Aboriginal women’s residential drug and alcohol recovery house based in St Kilda. Established in 1976 through Australian Government investment in …


  5. ‘Picturing Black Australia’

    Jimmy Yan  The 1988 Australian bicentenary was marked by its contradictory history and dual claims for national attention. There was the assertion of settler-colonial nationalism and, …


  6. ‘I saw it on the television’: An early call for diversity in the media

    Victoria Perin ‘Capital A Art as it is conventionally understood is at best only a minor contributor to the development of cultural values, about as important …


  7. ‘White Australia has a Black History’ NAIDOC week poster, 1987

    Eliza O’Donnell Mandandanji descendant and Queensland based multidisciplinary artist, Laurie Nilsen (1953) designed the poster ‘White Australia has a Black History’ for the National Aboriginal and …


  8. ‘Koorie Boogaja’ 1971

    Beth Marsden ‘This is our land and we are proud of it. After all, you white fellows weren’t the first to discover Australia—we were here first.’ Charlie Carter[1] …


  9. The Trades Hall Poster collection

    ‘White Australia has a Black History, 1987;, National NAIDOC Poster, 2006-0038-00031

    Initially compiled by George Seelaf, the inaugural Arts Officer of Victorian Trades Hall Council, this collection of political posters was donated to the University of Melbourne …


  10. Aunt Mavis’ Basket Maker: Germaine Greer’s CUNT index cards

    Carly Pettiona The Germaine Greer Archive offers insight into the thoughts, correspondences, writing and planning processes of one of the most controversial and well-known feminists of …


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