Top student posters and talks

Congratulations to the winners of the best student poster and talk prizes:

For posters, our winners are:

  1. Anna-Marie Syme: Trihybrid Linelists: A CN Example
  2. Sonja Panjkov: Placing Progenitor Constraints on the Supernova Remnant Population of the Large Magellanic Cloud
  3. Marcus Lower: How do young pulsars spin down?

For talks, our winners are:

  1. Stephanie Monty: Astrometry with MAVIS: Pushing Past the Limits of Gaia to the Crowded Centres of Globular Clusters
  2. Caro Derkenne: Density slopes of early-type galaxies from spatially resolved MUSE stellar dynamics up to redshift ~ 0.5
  3. A tie between: Sara Webb “Fast Flares in the Galaxy, and the unsupervised machine learning used to find them” and Georgie Taylor “Developing Supernova Models for Cosmology Applications”

Competition was intense with the excellent talks and posters all around.


Prizes will be given as gift vouchers and must be able to be purchased by VISA card. Also preferably something that can be bought and forwarded online e.g. any shop/store that sells gift vouchers. To claim your prize please email Kim with your Name, Email Address, Name of Prize Awarded, Amount Awarded and Choice of Voucher – please provide url or link to a webpage.

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