Stress about my performance

Hi, I am in the second year of my course and am receiving a scholarship.  For this I need a WAM of 75, but I am struggling.  The latest feedback is not up to my expectations and I have just been issued with a warning letter from the scholarship department.  This year I have worked in all possible ways, but haven’t been able to achieve to my expectations.  I’m getting paranoid about this.

Many students are surprised at how difficult it can be to gain good marks at the University of Melbourne.  Sometimes hard work alone does not bring the desired outcome, and with the risk of losing that scholarship if you do not perform well it makes sense that this situation would lead to anxiety.

If you are aware of any particular factors that may be affecting your ability to study at your best, it is important to address these.  Your current life situation, issues with stress or anxiety, changes in your life etc., are all factors that may affect your results.  I’m wondering if your performance is different this year compared to last year, and if there have been any other changes in your life? If you feel your results have been affected because of emotional reasons, you are welcome to speak to one of the counsellors at Counselling and Psychological Services.

However, for now it would be helpful if you sought advice from Academic Skills and your teachers or tutors.  More information about your results may be helpful in pinpointing if there are any specific skills that you can improve on, and recognising any areas of weakness is a first step in accessing the help you may need.

Remember, successful people are often not successful all of the time, however they know when to recruit help to attain their goals and achieve the success they desire.  I hope this works for you.

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