Torn between by course and my parents’ wishes.

I am struggling through the last weeks of this semester doing a Masters of Economics. So far, I have not found any interest in my course, I feel depleted and bored. I have thought of changing my course, but I don’t want to disappoint my parents. What can I do to improve my motivation?

Thank you for your challenging question, which may have an underlying question of what is it that you are passionate about or interested in and can it become a career? Also how can you explore what is meaningful for you and still maintain your relationship with your parents?

Starting with what it is that you want; can you pinpoint exactly why your course is not interesting to you?  Ask yourself a few questions like:

  • Have you really engaged in the subjects in your semester, so that you could get some taste of what‘s ahead of you?
  • Have you switched off every time when a difficulty appeared in an assignment, or have you tried to address your difficulties?
  • What was your initial expectation of your course, and how did this match up with reality? What were you disappointed about in reality?

As a Masters student, you may be concerned about career choices. One suggestion would be to see out the semester and not rush your decision.  With a successful ending you may receive credits for other pathways, and past success is a good psychologically.

Your feelings of boredom and depletion may not be just about your course. Are there other things in your life that give you pleasure, are you giving yourself short bursts of rest and recuperation time?

You might also try discussing your concerns with your parents as they may be more flexible than you give them credit for.  This topic is also familiar to counsellors at CAPS.  Have a look on our website, what we have to offer, and how to contact us.

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