Difficulty creating a social life at uni

I’m a first year student and I’ve found it difficult to adjust to uni life. I’m not enjoying myself as much as I thought I would because I haven’t made many friends and developed a good social life. I want to go out and do things on the weekends with uni friends but I’m too shy to do that with people I’m not very close with.

Transition from High School to University is often a tough time socially as there’s usually not that constant exposure to the same people every day that allows you to get to know them without really trying. Given the huge size of a lot of uni classes – especially in first year – you are unlikely to quickly get to know people there. However, tutorials are smaller and would offer you a better chance to make friends over the semester.

You could try joining groups related to your course, for example, some departments have very active social groups. Otherwise there are numerous clubs and societies running across the campus. Doing an activity with others provides a focus so you have a task to both do, and to talk about. Your shyness may not be such a problem in this context, but only you can get out and take the first step.

If you feel some you need some extra help to overcome your shyness, you can also come in to talk to one of the Counsellors here to discuss options that are more specific to your needs and interests. Counselling and Psychological Services usually runs free workshops on topics such as anxiety, communication or making connections, check out our website to find more details.

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