Not depression?

I am writing and not attending counselling because, no some days I feel quite normal. I don’t have and I feel like I don’t need too many close friends, I’m OK going many places on my own, reading, writing. My academic performance is also alright. However, I have binge-drank and self-cut in the past when I strongly dislike myself. There’s also a bit of perfectionism in me, and it goes with procrastination and anxiety. Today, I also realise that even with good grades, not much positive feelings arise. I’m actually unsure what I’m trying to achieve here by writing these but, thanks for reading.

Most people who are experiencing mental health problems will have ups and downs, and will often have stretches of time when they feel normal. As a result many people delay reaching out for help when they are feeling ok, which ends up prolonging this cycle. It’s good that you have asked this question, as it sounds like there are some issues that are important to address even if they’re not bothering you as much right now.

Firstly, regarding your procrastination habits and some level of anxiety you relate to perfectionist traits. This is quite common amongst students and is certainly something worth addressing so that you can reduce your anxiety, and potentially feel better about yourself. Check out our tip sheets regarding these topics as a first and easy step, and then decide if you would like to talk about it with one of our counsellors.

You also mention a lack of positive feelings, self-destructive drinking and self-harming behaviour, as well as strong dislike of yourself. All of these can be symptoms of depression, however even if you don’t suffer from depression these are issues that may have an impact on your quality of life, as well as being possible risks to your health. It’s a good idea to see a counsellor even if you are feeling normal on most days, in order to address any underlying reasons for these issues and prevent them for recurring.

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