New to Melbourne, what do I do?

I am a first year international student. I’ve recently arrived in Melbourne and I’m finding it hard to get to know the city and find some interesting things to do. I don’t know anyone here, apart from a few students I’m staying with who are also new here. What are some ways of meeting people and finding things to do in my free time?

Living in a new city or country is challenging. It’s useful to move slightly outside your comfort zone while adjusting to a new place or culture – this allows you to establish more interests, activities and friendships. The first step is to be proactive, such as by asking other students what they do on the weekend, which can give you some new ideas as well as open up many socialising opportunities. It might take some time but if you are curious and can set some time to go exploring, it can be a lot of fun. Here are some ideas to get you started.

What’s On Melbourne provides ideas on things to do and see in Melbourne – markets, music, events, festivals, and guides to local areas. Lonely Planet also has an online guide for popular things to do in Melbourne.
• There are many activities happening in the University as well as wide range of clubs to join. Melbourne University Sport provides sports and recreation facilities including group fitness, gym and pool, as well as sport clubs to join, or you could find somewhere to volunteer.
Counselling and Psychological Services run workshops on adjusting to life as an international student, check out our website for information.
• Make sure you’re aware of what support is available to international students now in case you need it later.

We wish you all the best with your studies and settling in to Melbourne.

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