How to help my friend with depression?

I have a friend, he is also a Unimelb student. Recently, he is very seldom to talk with anyone because of working on assignment. However, actually this assignment have been already due two weeks! I am so worry about him. I think he can apply a special consideration and contact with university for seeking help.

Thanks for your question, it’s great that you’ve noticed there is an issue with your friend and want to help. Changes in academic performance can be one of the many signs of depression, however this alone does not necessarily mean your friend is suffering from depression. Many students withdraw from friends while they are experiencing stress or a high study load, and an overdue assignment may be due to issues with time management, procrastination, or other practical obstacles. A first step would be to talk to your friend about how he is feeling.

You can start by mentioning why you are worried, then ask if there is an issue you can help with. An example may be “I’ve noticed you haven’t been talking much and your assignment is overdue. Is there anything going on?” If your friend is experiencing depressed moods, there are a number of resources both for him, and for you to help support him.

If your friend meets the criteria for special consideration, he may be able to apply using supporting documentation from a health professional who has prior knowledge of his circumstances. Counselling help is also available for University of Melbourne students at Counselling and Psychological Services.

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