How do I improve my studies and social life as an International student?

I am masters engineering international student. Unfortunately I am feeling inferior or demotivated as I am not happy with my study performance and also my social life.

Thanks for your question. You have taken on two challenging things: studying at a post-graduate level and moving to a foreign country – both of these are challenging things to do and can take a period of adjustment. If you are not studying in your first language, this can increase the challenges.

It is important to remember that you have passed all the hurdle requirements in order to study at the University of Melbourne and you deserve your place here. It’s also useful to keep in mind that you are living in a culture that may be very different to the one you left. Sometimes it takes a year or longer to feel really comfortable in a foreign place; from learning how to get around and where to shop, to recognising and understanding the new jargon and ‘slang’ that local people use.

With all that going on, and the study as well, it can be hard to have the energy and time to go out and make friends. What can be useful is to join a group and meet people on a regular basis, so there is enough time to get to know people. You could join a group related to Engineering, or join a social group. There are groups for International students organised by UMSU International, who represent international students at the University. Also there are many specific interest groups on campus. More information on UMSU International can be found here.

If you need some more ideas or are concerned the social issues are more than a lack of opportunity to meet people, then please come in and speak to one of the Counsellors here at Counselling and Psychological Services. The service is free of charge, confidential and counsellors are experienced in helping students manage similar situations to what you describe.

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