How do I motivate myself?

My personal motivation has been decreasing over the years and is now depleted to nothing. The only motivation I have comes from fear of public humiliation. If it weren’t for this fear, I would stay at home every day and have very little to do with anyone.
What can I do to genuinely motivate myself?

Personal motivation is a tough one to muster all by ourselves and it sounds like you’ve been struggling to do this for some time alone! Personal motivation is affected by many other factors like energy levels, personal confidence, social relationships, enjoyment in activities, and outlook in life. When motivation is low we can feel like everything is difficult, and yes, it would feel easier to just stay at home.

Simple strategies to increase your motivation include:
– having small realistic goals
– pursuing things that interest you
– rewarding yourself for even small gains and achievements
– writing a gratitude list
– revisiting your overall life values and dreams.

It might also be a good idea to talk about this with a professional for a number of reasons. Firstly, what you say about your fears about public humiliation sounds similar to social anxiety. Most people with social anxiety experience a preference to stay at home and avoid public places, however this can really reduce your enjoyment in life and your overall confidence and/or motivation. Secondly, loss of motivation and interest can be a symptom of depression, and it may be helpful to explore this possibility further. Free, short term, confidential counselling is available for all students from Counselling and Psychological Services.

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