1. Crying nearly every day

    Hi, I don’t feel sad or stressed but I seem to cry out of nowhere nearly everyday, sometimes multiple times and usually at night. Sometimes it …


  2. Not sure how to raise ‘the talk’

    The start of a relationship can often bring with it some anxieties, what should you think about when trying to have ‘the talk’?


  3. Can you help with my fear of failing?

    Things can often mount up at university, especially when we’re away from home, and academic performance can sometimes drop as a result. There are many ways to manage this, read on for some tips.


  4. Stressed about failing!

    Failure can lead to fear of failure, it can be a viscous cycle….


  5. Help! Is the world over?

    The bad news of the world can have a negative impact on our mental health, why not try some of these suggestions to make a difference?


  6. Career choices: I’m uncertain about my career and degree can you help?

    I feel anxious about my future career and hence my study, can you help?


  7. Freaking out at unsatisfactory results, what shall I do?

    I failed three of my four subjects and I’m freaking out. What now?


  8. Lost with no direction.

    I only have a year to go and my passion has waned…


  9. Where is my sense of self?

    Sometimes it can be hard to know who we are and how to relate to other people…


  10. Why am I disheartened about finishing my degree?

    Most people expect to feel happy that they are completing their degree, so why do I feel so disheartened?


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