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  1. Family issues during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Due to Covid-19 restrictions I decided to move back to my family home before borders closed. My parents have had an uneasy marriage since I was …

  2. Is it worth it all, this studying?

    My mother is working very hard to support me. I feel guilty because her business is not going well and she is tired and stressed. I …

  3. Torn between by course and my parents’ wishes.

    When exams loom and your course is not what you want, sometimes you can feel torn between what you want and what your parents want…..

  4. How do I ask a housemate to move out?

    Telling your housemate the bad news that they need to move out? Now that’s a difficult one!

  5. Losing motivation – what to do?

    Sometimes sad news like a family member falling ill can make study and motivation hard, mood can also be affected.

  6. Anger management

    Anger is a normal emotion, but when it gets hard to manage it can affect all areas of our life. If this is happening it’s important to get help, and help is definitely available.

  7. Being gay and coping with my family

    The process of coming out can be a difficult one, how do you stay true to yourself when others are not accepting?

  8. Is my boyfriend becoming a control freak?

    Emotional blackmail, controlling behaviour – is that all part of the ups and downs of a healthy relationship?

  9. Is it worth it all, this studying?

    Decision-making about the value of study, when it comes at personal cost, is difficult!