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  1. Connecting better with others

    Relating well to others makes a big difference to our quality of life, but it can be harder when you’re dealing with anxiety. Read on for some tips!

  2. How to cope with unrequited love?

    Dealing with unrequited love? You’re not alone! Read on for some thoughts on coping with these painful feelings.

  3. I’m extremely shy, how do I make Australian friends?

    It’s hard to make Australian friends when you are both new to Australia AND shy!

  4. Is it worth it all, this studying?

    Decision-making about the value of study, when it comes at personal cost, is difficult!

  5. Am I bisexual?

    What does experiencing sexual feelings towards both sexes mean for me?

  6. Why am I not taking anything in?

    If it feels like all the skills of learning are not helping you take in the material, this might be the question and answer for you!

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