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  1. Stressed about failing!

    I am an international student studying architecture. Ever since I failed one prerequisite subject, I can’t focus on studying as I fear I will fail again. …

  2. How to be less controlling?

    It is not possible to control everything in life, and although attempts to do this may result in short term relief of anxiety, in the long term this can increase anxiety and lead to to more problems. Recognising the underlying causes for this behaviour, addressing the role that anxiety plays in your life, and learning to tolerate uncertainty can all be helpful in being able to let go of the need to be in control.

  3. What to do about panic attacks?

    Panic attacks can feel very scary and may be disruptive to day-to-day life. The good news is there are ways to manage and minimise these symptoms.

  4. Should I get professional help for anxiety?

    I have had problems with anxiety all through my degree and I managed to live through it, headaches and chest pains and all. But I am …

  5. Reducing negative thinking?

    It’s normal to have negative thoughts, it’s not necessary to be positive all the time. If you’re noticing that your thoughts have become a lot more negative than usual however, it may be helpful to talk to someone about why.

  6. How do I build my confidence?

    In many contexts I feel like I lack self-esteem and self-confidence. Whenever anyone asks me for my notes, I always say yes even though I really …

  7. What can I do to get better sleep?

    I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. It takes ages to fall asleep and often I’m awake till about 4 am. I’m so tired in the …

  8. How to stop negative thoughts?

    When I was a kid I was a positive thinker. However, for a long time now, I notice I have really negative thoughts. I want to …

  9. How can I fall asleep easier?

    It takes me hours to fall asleep. I start thinking about work and study and just about everything else under the sun. Sometimes I wake up …

  10. Referral request

    If you would like to get a Mental Health Treatment Plan to access sessions with a private psychologist, our counsellors can help you with this process. Read on for some more tips.

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