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Why am I not taking anything in?

I’ve never been tested or suspected of having one, but I feel like I might have a mild learning disorder. I really struggle in lectures, doing my readings and listening in tutorials. I just don’t take anything in! I am constantly missing the key points of lectures. I don’t know how to take notes, and don’t understand the content, but am too ashamed to ask for help! I just want to be proud of my GPA but this problem is getting in the way.

It sounds like this is really impacting on your confidence in yourself. You don’t mention if this is new for you or if you have always struggled with your learning. If you have got this far well done! Coping even when things are difficult is a sign of resilience. On the other hand it might be a good time to get to the bottom of what is going on so that you can feel like you are working to the best of your ability.

You have mentioned a few different areas of concern so be patient, it might take some time to investigate what is going on for you. Firstly, academic skills will help you with taking notes and other aspects of learning at University, (which can be quite different from school).  Have a look at their site for resources and drop in for a 15-20 minute consultation so that you can talk through your needs. This will help you identify skills that might help improve your learning. Continue reading “Why am I not taking anything in?”

Confusion about my relationship.

I broke up with my boyfriend as I moved to Melbourne in the end of last year. However, we make phone calls every day. I suggested many times that we have less contact or no contact at all, but he never agreed. At the beginning, I just wanted us to be friends, but now it seems it’s not working that way. I feel like we are still in a relationship and I am confused as to whether or not I want to continue this relationship.

Thanks for your question – that sounds like a confusing and difficult place to be – having made a tough decision to break up the relationship, trying to be friends and agree on amount of contact you maintain, and then finding that you feel as though you are still in the relationship. I’m guessing that this could be quite a painful situation for both of you.

It’s pretty normal to feel some confusion when you have made a difficult decision in your life. It’s important not to judge yourself harshly for this feeling or for your actions at the moment. Give yourself some time to work this out. Take notice of how you feel during your conversations with your boyfriend, and how you feel afterwards. This may give you some clues about what actions or decisions are best for you at the moment. Reflecting on what you can choose to do that feels good for you right now can help you cope with painful feelings. Continue reading “Confusion about my relationship.”

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