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  1. How do I deal with noisy housemates?

    My house mates have been playing loud music, partying and staying up late all the time, even when I am trying to study. I am getting …

  2. How do I build my confidence?

    In many contexts I feel like I lack self-esteem and self-confidence. Whenever anyone asks me for my notes, I always say yes even though I really …

  3. Should I cut ties with my friend?

    I recently met up with a friend. She spoke negatively about my relationship with my boyfriend (eg: listing all the mutual friends that apparently hated him). …

  4. Dreading going home for Christmas

    Every time I go home I feel bad. After being away from home for so long, I feel confident, have good friends and am working at …

  5. How to have more confidence?

    It can be hard to speak our minds sometimes, especially if we think that this will upset someone else. However it can also be hard to feel like we can’t be honest about how we feel, or to be able to say “no”.

  6. Reacting to negative emotions

    It’s a normal and healthy part of life to experience emotional reactions to different issues or events, but sometimes these reactions can be difficult to respond to. Read on to find out about a range of healthy and adaptive ways to respond to uncomfortable emotions and difficult experiences.

  7. Loneliness

    If you’re struggling with some difficult emotions, and are also finding it hard to talk to people about this, then feelings of loneliness and isolation can add to the painful feelings. Read on for some tips on how to manage loneliness and open up to people easier.

  8. Social anxiety dilemma

    Despite feeling like a friendly and reasonably sociable person, when I go to talk to someone new or even someone I know decently well 9/10 times …

  9. What is emotional neglect?

    What is emotional neglect and what do you do if you feel this is happening in your relationship? Read on for some tips.

  10. Not sure how to raise ‘the talk’

    The start of a relationship can often bring with it some anxieties, what should you think about when trying to have ‘the talk’?