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  1. Is it ADHD?

    Being easily distracted and struggling to concentrate and retain information are common issues for students, but how do you know if these issues are a sign of ADHD? Read on for more information about the signs and symptoms and what to do if you are unsure.

  2. Loss of motivation

    It’s hard to maintain motivation to study over the course of a degree, no matter how much we may want to finish. Read on for some tips on dealing with loss of motivation.

  3. Bad break-up

    Relationship break-ups can be sad, stressful and impact our ability to function in other parts of our lives…

  4. Coping with anxiety about physical health

    Suggestions and resources for coping with health related anxiety.

  5. Struggling to get it together

    For many, university can be a challenging time. With assignments, deadlines, exams, and a social and work life to balance, it easily becomes overwhelming. Recognising this is important, as is taking a step back to ensure you are balancing work with self-care.

  6. Feeling lost

    Feeling stressed and losing concentration? You’re not alone! Read on for some helpful tips.

  7. What can I do about my problem with concentrating?

    What to do when your mind behaves like a runaway puppy – now here, now there, now anywhere… That concentration capacity – how to improve it…

  8. Fantasizing too much?

    Fantasizing about a crush is pretty normal. If you’re worrying about it, here are some things to consider.

  9. Daytime concentration

    I seem to study so well at night but my exam timetable is early morning – help! My brain will be sleeping, What do you suggest?

  10. How do I study while I’ve got so many things upsetting me?

    Unfortunately life doesn’t stop when exam time starts, how do you deal with genuine personal issues when your uni success is also important to you?