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  1. Is it worth it all, this studying?

    My mother is working very hard to support me. I feel guilty because her business is not going well and she is tired and stressed. I …

  2. Torn between by course and my parents’ wishes.

    When exams loom and your course is not what you want, sometimes you can feel torn between what you want and what your parents want…..

  3. Honesty about my romantic feelings

    Remaining friends after a break up can be a great thing, but there are some challenges. What to do if you still have painful feelings?

  4. Should I change my course?

    Choosing a course is hard, so what does it mean if you don’t like the one you’re in? Here are some things to consider when you’re trying to decide whether to stay or make a change.

  5. How do I stop being so indecisive?

    Decision making can be hard, and the more we worry about it the more impossible it can seem! How do we deal with the ‘what ifs?’ when we’re presented with different choices?

  6. How do I stick to my career choice?

    “FOMO” my fear on missing out on the best career I could have… What to do?