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  1. How do I motivate myself?

    My personal motivation has been decreasing over the years and is now depleted to nothing. The only motivation I have comes from fear of public humiliation. …

  2. How to help my friend with depression?

    There are many possible signs that someone may be suffering from depression, but what do you do if you notice them? Read on for some tips on where to start and where to find more information.

  3. Am I depressed?

    When is sadness not just sadness, but depression? And where can you go for more help?

  4. Managing psychological disorders

    It can be difficult to talk about mental health problems, particularly when the label or diagnosis given is not well understood by others…

  5. Can you help with my fear of failing?

    Things can often mount up at university, especially when we’re away from home, and academic performance can sometimes drop as a result. There are many ways to manage this, read on for some tips.

  6. Depression and missing class

    Sometimes depression and anxiety can be a big obstacle to achieving our goals, especially when it’s been there for a while. It’s important to address this and ensure you’re getting all the emotional and practical support available. Read on to find out how.

  7. Taking time off for mental health issues, can I return to uni?

    How can I return to study after experiencing a serious bout of depression?

  8. Losing motivation – what to do?

    Sometimes sad news like a family member falling ill can make study and motivation hard, mood can also be affected.

  9. Lost memories and intense emotions

    Our past memories can trigger strong emotions, and are closely tied to our identity. Does this mean we need to remember things in order to know who we are?

  10. Loneliness and depression

    Depression can affect anyone at any time, and the symptoms are often confusing. If you’re suffering, read on to get some advice, or take steps to access real help.

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