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  1. How can I cope with exam stress?

    I’m a good student most of the time, go to all lectures and tutes, do the written work but I really stuff up exams. I get …

  2. Crippling exam anxiety

    What are some “emergency” strategies for coping with sudden and crippling anxiety or panic during an important exam or presentation when there is no time to …

  3. Maintaining a relationship during exams

    In an ideal world, it’s easy for a couple to support each other during difficult times, but when you’re both stressed at the same time, how you maintain the health of the relationship? Read on for some tips.

  4. How do I get over the stress from previous semester?

    Stress is a normal part of the student experience, but it can get in the way of your studies and your quality of life. Read on for tips on managing it better.