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  1. Cripping assessment anxiety!

    It’s normal to feel anxious before an exam or big presentation, but what if it feels too overwhelming to deal with it? There are a lot of things you can do in the moment, and in the lead up to an assessment, that will make a big difference.

  2. How do I get over the stress from previous semester?

    Stress is a normal part of the student experience, but it can get in the way of your studies and your quality of life. Read on for tips on managing it better.

  3. How do I study while I’ve got so many things upsetting me?

    Unfortunately life doesn’t stop when exam time starts, how do you deal with genuine personal issues when your uni success is also important to you?

  4. A few weeks till assessment – will I fail?

    Stressed, exhausted and feeling out of control? Some tips and links for you!

  5. A good student except when it comes to exams…

    No problems with study and attending uni, its just I panic and become anxious with exams. What can I do about this?