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  1. Is it worth it all, this studying?

    My mother is working very hard to support me. I feel guilty because her business is not going well and she is tired and stressed. I …

  2. How can I study when my grandfather is ill?

    University can be a challenging experience, especially if there are other worries on your mind. Read on for some tips on how to manage this stress and anxiety.

  3. Being gay and coping with my family

    The process of coming out can be a difficult one, how do you stay true to yourself when others are not accepting?

  4. How do I communicate better with my dad?

    Communication is an important skill, and can make a big difference in our relationships. Our relationship with our parents can have a major influence in our lives. So how do we better communicate with them?

  5. Why do I act differently around different groups of friends?

    Gorgeous and friendly at the start of relationships then not so nice once you know them well? If this is you then read on….

  6. Should I do what I think is best, or follow my mum’s advice?

    Does being attached to someone mean doing what they think is best all the time? When is it ok to go against a parent’s advice?