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  1. Loneliness

    If you’re struggling with some difficult emotions, and are also finding it hard to talk to people about this, then feelings of loneliness and isolation can add to the painful feelings. Read on for some tips on how to manage loneliness and open up to people easier.

  2. How do I get closer friends?

    Having close friendships is an important part of our wellbeing, but there can be challenges to developing these relationships. Read on for some advice on how to create deeper friendships.

  3. Difficulty creating a social life at uni

    An active social life can be an important part of making the University experience an enjoyable one, but there are many reasons it can be hard to form, especially in the first year.

  4. Competitive friends

    It just hit me that I have not smiled or laughed in weeks. I am not exactly unhappy because I am thankful for everything I am …

  5. Loneliness and depression

    Depression can affect anyone at any time, and the symptoms are often confusing. If you’re suffering, read on to get some advice, or take steps to access real help.

  6. Difficulty Relating to Other People

    Being able to connect with people is an important way to combat sadness and loneliness, but a range of things can get in the way of doing this.

  7. Friendship issues

    People are by nature very social creatures, so friendships and meaningful interaction with others is actually very important for us all. How we manage these relationships will make a big difference in our wellbeing.