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  1. I’ve fallen in love, now what?

    I’ve never had a long-term relationship but over the past week I’ve started hanging out with a guy who I met through my book club. But …

  2. What is emotional neglect?

    What is emotional neglect and what do you do if you feel this is happening in your relationship? Read on for some tips.

  3. Honesty about my romantic feelings

    Remaining friends after a break up can be a great thing, but there are some challenges. What to do if you still have painful feelings?

  4. Attracted to an extremely capable person yet afraid he is going to hurt me

    When you’ve been searching for qualities in someone for a long time and you finally find them it can be really exciting, but does that mean you ignore potential warning signs? Read on for some advice on respect, consent and boundaries in relationships.

  5. relationship communication

    Communication is an important way of developing closer bonds with our partners, but what to do if it feels one-sided?

  6. Who can I talk to about asexuality?

    I’ve felt really depressed since discovering that I’m a hetero-romantic asexual. Whilst I can love someone romantically, I don’t feel sexual attraction. Someone I was seeing …

  7. How to cope with unrequited love?

    Dealing with unrequited love? You’re not alone! Read on for some thoughts on coping with these painful feelings.

  8. Is my boyfriend becoming a control freak?

    Emotional blackmail, controlling behaviour – is that all part of the ups and downs of a healthy relationship?