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  1. How do I improve my studies and social life as an International student?

    Most students want to improve their studies and their social life, but there are extra challenges as an international student. Read on for some tips.

  2. No group of friends, a problem?

    The need for connection with others is very real, as is the need for the sense of belonging that can come from having a group of friends. If you’re finding it hard to meet these needs, you’re not alone. Read on for some tips.

  3. Social anxiety dilemma

    Despite feeling like a friendly and reasonably sociable person, when I go to talk to someone new or even someone I know decently well 9/10 times …

  4. New to Melbourne, what do I do?

    The experience of studying in another country or city can feel daunting, taking the time to explore, meet new people and get involved can make that experience richer and more fulfilling. Read on for some tips on how to get started!

  5. Shy and anxious being around new people at uni

    Shyness and social anxiety can get in the way of attending classes and forming connections with others, but there are ways to manage and overcome this and lots of support available to help!

  6. How do I get closer friends?

    Having close friendships is an important part of our wellbeing, but there can be challenges to developing these relationships. Read on for some advice on how to create deeper friendships.

  7. Is this social anxiety?

    Social anxiety can get in the way of connecting with others and enjoying life. The good news is, there are ways to manage this and live the life you want!

  8. Feeling incapable of socializing

    Making new connections and forming friendships is an important part of transitioning from high school to university, but it is a challenge. Remembering that you’re not the only one finding it hard, and being proactive is key!

  9. Connecting better with others

    Relating well to others makes a big difference to our quality of life, but it can be harder when you’re dealing with anxiety. Read on for some tips!

  10. I’m extremely shy, how do I make Australian friends?

    It’s hard to make Australian friends when you are both new to Australia AND shy!