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  1. Dealing with a panic attack

    Panic attacks can be scary when they occur, but there are simple strategies to prevent and manage them. Read on for some tips!

  2. Studying with an eating disorder

    Relapses are common while recovering from an eating disorder, and trying to study while still look after your mental health is an added challenge. Read on for some important resources.

  3. Lost memories and intense emotions

    Our past memories can trigger strong emotions, and are closely tied to our identity. Does this mean we need to remember things in order to know who we are?

  4. Suicidal thoughts after a traumatic event?

    Even when life is going well, it’s normal to worry about the future and how we would cope if things went wrong. Building resilience is always helpful, and there are many ways to get help if we need it.

  5. Loneliness and depression

    Depression can affect anyone at any time, and the symptoms are often confusing. If you’re suffering, read on to get some advice, or take steps to access real help.

  6. Diagnosis and Medication

    Worried you may suffer from a mental illness? Read on for some information on what to do next.

  7. How to help a friend

    It’s never easy to watch a friend struggle, especially when they’re behaving in a risky way. Remember there is help and advice available.

  8. Autism/ASD diagnosis

    Receiving a diagnosed of a disorder or syndrome can be both a relief and a cause for anxiety. Read on for some resources for a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome.

  9. Emotional distress

    Managing distressing emotions can be difficult, and getting help for this can take time. Being patient and kind to yourself will help, and make sure you’re getting the proper assistance.

  10. Sleeping problems

    Getting regular, quality sleep is important for health and wellbeing, read on for some practical tips, and advice on what to do if nothing seems to work!

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