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  1. How Do I Feel Happy Being Gay?

    I’ve been out for 10 years now and have helped numerous people over that period find their niche, but I still don’t feel like I have …

  2. Shy and anxious being around new people at uni

    Shyness and social anxiety can get in the way of attending classes and forming connections with others, but there are ways to manage and overcome this and lots of support available to help!

  3. Secretly bisexual?

    It’s normal to question your sexuality, and there’s often confusion about what our thoughts and feelings mean.

  4. Who can I talk to about asexuality?

    I’ve felt really depressed since discovering that I’m a hetero-romantic asexual. Whilst I can love someone romantically, I don’t feel sexual attraction. Someone I was seeing …

  5. Being gay and coping with my family

    The process of coming out can be a difficult one, how do you stay true to yourself when others are not accepting?

  6. What will help compulsive lying?

    I’m lying all the time but I developed this habit because I was hiding my sexuality…