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  1. What can I do to get better sleep?

    I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. It takes ages to fall asleep and often I’m awake till about 4 am. I’m so tired in the …

  2. How can I fall asleep easier?

    It takes me hours to fall asleep. I start thinking about work and study and just about everything else under the sun. Sometimes I wake up …

  3. Do I have a drinking problem?

    It can be difficult to determine at what point drinking becomes a problem, especially when we’ve spent time with people who drink just as much as us, and when the consequences of drinking are not obvious. Read on for some tips on assessing the impact of your alcohol intake, and ensuring it doesn’t cause you problems.

  4. Sleep and anxiety

    Sleep problems and anxiety often go hand in hand. especially when we are so worried about not sleeping that we then can’t sleep! Positive change is possible, read on for more information.

  5. Losing motivation – what to do?

    Sometimes sad news like a family member falling ill can make study and motivation hard, mood can also be affected.

  6. Sleeping problems

    Getting regular, quality sleep is important for health and wellbeing, read on for some practical tips, and advice on what to do if nothing seems to work!