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  1. Body symptoms of stress

    I’ve been seeking psychological help for depression and anxiety and while this therapy has helped I can’t kick the physical toll stress takes on my body. …

  2. Bad break-up

    Relationship break-ups can be sad, stressful and impact our ability to function in other parts of our lives…

  3. Stress and how to seek help

    Experiences of stress and anxiety are common, but it can be difficult to take the first step and talk about it.

  4. Sleep and anxiety

    Sleep problems and anxiety often go hand in hand. especially when we are so worried about not sleeping that we then can’t sleep! Positive change is possible, read on for more information.

  5. How do I get out of my slump?

    Are you feeling like you’re in a slump and can’t get back on track with your studies? Read on!

  6. Feeling lost

    Feeling stressed and losing concentration? You’re not alone! Read on for some helpful tips.

  7. Sleeping problems

    Getting regular, quality sleep is important for health and wellbeing, read on for some practical tips, and advice on what to do if nothing seems to work!

  8. How do I get over the stress from previous semester?

    Stress is a normal part of the student experience, but it can get in the way of your studies and your quality of life. Read on for tips on managing it better.

  9. Failed exam

    I feel so depressed after seeing my mid-term result. I feel so ashamed and keep blaming myself for not trying so hard. I sometimes feel that …

  10. Coping with relationship, children, study and failure.

    Coping with children, a relationship and study can all become a bit too much. Read here to learn how someone has found suggestions that can help.

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