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  1. What can I do to get better sleep?

    I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. It takes ages to fall asleep and often I’m awake till about 4 am. I’m so tired in the …

  2. How can I cope with exam stress?

    I’m a good student most of the time, go to all lectures and tutes, do the written work but I really stuff up exams. I get …

  3. How can I fall asleep easier?

    It takes me hours to fall asleep. I start thinking about work and study and just about everything else under the sun. Sometimes I wake up …

  4. I don’t know if universiy is for me.

    Studying at university is challenging, sometimes more than expected. When this is the case, it’s normal to doubt whether it was the right decision. Taking some time to get some advice, make some adjustments to your study load, and learn how to look after yourself better is important in order to get a better idea of what is the right thing for you. Read on for some more tips.

  5. Working and Studying at Home

    One of the challenges of ongoing lockdowns is trying to stay productive and motivated while working from home. It’s normal to find this stressful, but there are ways to manage this. Read on for some helpful tips!

  6. Exam panic

    I had an exam yesterday which I was well prepared for. I downloaded the question paper and then my mind went blank, I had shortness of …

  7. Coping with isolation

    I’ve been locked at home for almost three whole months. I was isolated for two months in China, as the virus situation was extremely bad in …

  8. Coronavirus is making me stressed and anxious

    I’m writing this because I suffering a lot since last month. I’m from mainland China. I noticed the news about an unknown virus are spreading. I …

  9. Anxious about travel restrictions

    A number of students have been affected by travel restrictions between China and Australia, and are experiencing uncertainty about what this means for their studies. Read on to find out where to go to get up-to-date advice from the University, as well as some tips on how to look after yourself during periods of stress and anxiety.

  10. Maintaining a relationship during exams

    In an ideal world, it’s easy for a couple to support each other during difficult times, but when you’re both stressed at the same time, how you maintain the health of the relationship? Read on for some tips.

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